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In 1918 in Chicago, a business-savvy, entrepreneurial 22-year-old, Walter L. Jacobs, repainted and repaired a dozen Model T Fords from which he began his "car rental" business. In an incredible 5-year period, his humble little company was generating over $1 million in annual revenue!

Unsurprisingly, business-minded John Hertz, the man behind the longwinded but successful Yellow Cab and Yellow Truck and Coach Manufacturing Company, bought the business in 1923, keeping Walter on as a company executive. Changing the business name to the also "not-quite-so-catchy" title of Hertz Drive-Ur-Self System, Hertz sold what is now a worldwide car rental brand to General Motors who became the proud owners in 1926.

Today, the Hertz Corporation is one of the largest car rental companies in the United States with offices in over 145 countries around the world! This year, buoyed by vast expansion and flattering accolades, Hertz move their headquarters from New Jersey to the sunny streets and blue skies of Florida.

Hertz not only offers a fantastic range of cars, vans and trucks to rent and nifty extras such as mini iPads, ski racks, snow tires and snow chains, should the destination require them; but they also have in place a buyback scheme where they regularly sell off many of their 1-year-old ex-rental cars. Customers from locations as far-flung as the Middle East and Asia to Europe and the US are driving away a Hertz's ex-rental bargains.

An infamous year for Hertz was 1966. This was the year Hertz employed famous racing car designer Carroll Shelby to develop and modify the GT350H Mustang. One thousand cars were used for rental purposes, then sold to customers after a year of use. What was discovered by many customers who purchased one of these rare Mustangs was the disappearance of the original engine! It transpired that customers would rent them for a weekend, swap the engines for theirs and return them to Hertz. This "rent-a-racer" program, now famous in the US, also included Corvettes and Jaguars.