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Rental Cars is one of the world's largest car rental companies, responsible for organizing rental cars in over 6,000 locations throughout the world. Dealingwith more than two million customers every year, it offers great customer service and low prices.

Known for great customer service, Rental Cars offers multi-lingual assistance in 40 different languages. It even has multi-lingual call centers, for customers who appreciate the personal touch, and an email system for those who prefer to get their information in writing.

As part of the Priceline travel group, Rental Cars has been able to build strong relationships with the world's leading car rental brands. They've also built strong bonds with reliable, low-cost local companies. You're always guaranteed a car from a renowned supplier, whether they're known globally or just in the country you're visiting.

Access to a huge network of car rental specialists means that travelers have more choice in where to pick up their rental car. As well as offering car rental at airport locations, Rental Cars also allows customers to pick up their cars in train stations, ferry ports and city centers. This gives the renter much more flexibility, and is particularly handy when planning a road trip.

Their network also allows them to offer a wide range of vehicles, from budget-friendly mini-cars to eyebrow-raising luxury cars.

By comparing prices across their range of trusted suppliers, Rental Cars is able to offer customers the best deal for their trip. They also have a very transparent price policy, and don't charge credit card fees or amendment fees.

Rental Cars are one of Skyscanner's booking partners. When you search for cars to rent on our website, we also show you results from Rental Cars as well as a range of other car rental booking websites. This way you're always guaranteed to get the best deal on your rental car.