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Thomson Flights

In 1965 Thomson (formerly Britannia) wanted to make foreign travel available to everyone, letting them sample that often elusive sight - sunshine. Since starting out 40 years ago, Thomson now employs over 18,000 staff – more than any other travel company - in order to keep reaching those goals. Offering exclusive holidays to Thomson customers from beach breaks, classic cruises and glitzy city getaways, all are tailored to the individual’s requirements. Personal service puts Thomson on the map. At the forefront of aviation, Thomson has been the first airline to try out the new, fuel-efficient Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Why fly with Thomson Flights

How to Check-in

If you’re flying from Manchester, Gatwick of Birmingham you can check-in from noon to 10pm the day before you fly. Currently not operating an online check-in option, the service is to be introduced in the summer of 2013 so watch this space! For now, it’s the old fashioned way…the airport check-in desk.

Baggage Allowances and Fees

Thomson flights give a rather slim 15kg of hold baggage and 5kg of hand luggage. If you are flying Premium, this is bumped up to 23kg for hold luggage. You can of course fork out for excess baggage if you think you’ll need it. This comes in at £15 per 5kg. Excess baggage charges come in at £12 per kg for short and mid haul flights and £17 per kg on long haul.


The standard seat pitch on a short haul flight is approximately 28 inches, which isn’t as generous as some airlines. On long haul this stretches to a reasonable 33 inches. However, it is possible to upgrade to seats with extra legroom and width for, you’ve guessed it, an additional fee! Be warned, having to pay for seat reservations and then for seats with additional width and legroom can see costs mount up. If you want a free seat, let Thomson allocate your seat for you. Just so you know, if you booked through the website but ask one of Thomson travel shops to select your seats for you, you’ll need to pay a £5.00 admin fee.

Booking Fees

As is the norm nowadays, there is a credit card charge of 2.5% of the price of your package holiday with Thomson. If you have booked a flight only, the credit card charge will be £4.95. If you want to be canny and avoid paying any fees, be sure to book with your debit card which is fee free.