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From its inception in 1837 until today, Atlanta has been an economic, social, and cultural hub in the United States, a southern city that has earned alpha/world status because of its incredible influence in the information technology, logistics, and media operations industries.

Moreover, with an annual gross domestic product of approximately $275 billion, it is understood that The City in a Forest, nicknamed as such for its densely populated landmass of trees, is a major metropolis that will continue to influence the national and international economies in a significant way. Atlanta offers tourists the world-over plenty of opportunities for fun that the whole family can enjoy!

Cheap Flights from Atlanta

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta is the city’s chief international airport. Perhaps better known by its local name, Hartsfield, the airport is situated seven miles from the central business district, and it still holds the record for being the world’s busiest concerning annual passenger traffic, as well as for total number of take-offs and landings.

It processed just shy of 1 million flights and 95 million passengers in 2012, and a bulk of these were comprised of domestic trips. Hartsfield has 207 domestic and international gates at its facility, and is the principal focus destination for Southwest Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and ExpressJet. Cheap flights from Atlanta can be booked with American Airlines, US Airways, United, Alaska Airlines, airTran, and Spirit Airlines as well!

What to Do in Atlanta

Prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime, for Atlanta is known for treating its tourists right! Originally built in the 1920s, Fox Theatre is still puts on some of the finest Broadway musical and comedy shows in the country.

The city’s Botanical Garden is a great place to bring the kids; the Fuqua Orchid Center features impressive, beautiful displays of rare orchids! Take a step back into history by touring the Center for Civil and Human Right as well as the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site.

Tourist Tips

Traveling in Atlanta is best served by public transit or on foot, as the roads are normally congested and rush hour in the city can be downright treacherous to drive in. The more upscale hotels are located in Five Points and Midtown, but Buckhead still has a few memorable chains to consider. Use Skyscanner’s free online hotel price comparison tool to find lodgings in most any of Atlanta’s unique sections of the city.

Atlanta’s climate is slightly cooler than other southeastern cities, but the temperatures can vary widely depending on the season, so dress accordingly. 


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