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Boston Logan International Airport

One of America’s oldest and most historic cities, Boston has strong ties to the days of the country’s founding, and still features many of the original colonial buildings around at the time. Residents here are proud of their unique heritage. Boston is largely a college town, so tourists will find sports bars and restaurants are in no short supply. A trip to this bustling East Coast city promises a good time, just be careful not to get lost on its rather confusing road network!

Cheap Flights from Boston

Logan International is Boston’s main airport. Located in East Boston and Winthrop, it spans six runways and is considered the largest in New England. The airport maintains a consistent spot as one of the busiest in the country, transporting an estimated 30 million passengers each year, a figure that continues to rise markedly. Logan International is one of the principal cities for the domestic airliner JetBlue Airways, and it is also a main flight hub for Delta, Cape Air, PenAir, and US Airways.

Furthermore, many international airliners make frequent flights to and from Boston, including a number of new routes offered by Turkish Airlines, Emirates, El Al, and Hainan Airlines. Cheap flights from Boston in the United States can be booked through Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Virgin America, and Sun Country Airlines as well.

What to Do in Boston

Food lovers will feel right at home in Boston’s Quincy Market, a space thriving with various vendors, all of whom sell good grub at great prices. Given the historic nature of the city, there are a number of free walking tours you will want to take advantage of during your stay, including The Freedom Trail. Free concerts and a number of public parks are also go-to spots for cheap entertainment, as is the nightlife in Allston and Brighton. Baseball enthusiasts should of course pay a visit to Fenway Park, too!

Avoid driving in the city if at all possible, as the grid system is designed much like a maze! Walking and public transportation are the best modes for vacationers. Riding a bicycle is yet another sound, cheap alternative to consider.  


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