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A sprawling metropolis that has recently placed a strong emphasis on eco-friendly policies, building practices, and architectural designs, Chicago has more than enough attractions to keep tourists busy, especially in the summer months when vacationers flock in droves to Grant and Millennium Park and to see the Cubs play at Wrigley Field! Top-notch restaurants, an extravagant nightlife scene, and an overall laidback atmosphere make this Chicago one of the top tourist destinations around!

Cheap Flights from Chicago

Chicago has two primary airports, both of which receive a massive amount of annual flight traffic. O’Hare International, also commonly referred to as O’Hare Field and Chicago International, is located in the city’s northwest corner. While it is further away from the downtown loop, it is designated as the principal airport in the area.

Second only to George Bush Intercontinental in Houston, O’Hare is the largest flight hub for United Airlines, one of the biggest domestic and international airline companies. It handles nearly 600 flights daily for United alone, with American Airlines, Air Choice One, Frontier Airlines, and Spirit Airlines representing the airports’ remaining passenger base.

O’Hare held the title for being the busiest airport in the world in terms of total takeoffs and landings until 2005, and was considered the busiest with respect to number of passengers transported just 7 years prior, but it remains a central, international hub.

Midway International is Chi-City’s second major airport, and it is controlled mostly by Southwest Airlines, the premier low-cost carrier that offers cheap flights from Chicago to many destinations in the United States. Direct flights from the city can be additionally booked through Delta, United, US Airways, Alaska Airlines, and jetBlue.

What to Do in Chicago

Head on over to Navy Pier, where you will find numerous carnival attractions, including a massive Ferris Wheel, boat tours, and plenty of good eating! The Oriental Institute Museum is worth a look, too, as is the Chicago Cultural Center and the Robie House. Save money on attractions in the city by purchasing a City Pass, which gives you half-price access to all of these activities and more! 

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