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Charlotte is something of a contradiction. It’s been enjoying a long run of explosive growth, and as a center of culture and commerce, it’s quickly catching up to other, more famous cities to the north. When this fast pace mixes with the traditional southern grace of the Carolinas, the result is something special.

Flights from Charlotte

Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) is the busiest airport in the US without direct service to Asia, serving nearly 50 million passengers a year. CLT offers flights to over 175 domestic and international locations. It is US Airways’ largest hub, and several of the airport’s concourses are devoted entirely to US Airways flights, including one reserved for US Airways Express services, which operates more than 340 cheap flights from Charlotte each day.

Currently, all concourses are joined in a single main terminal, but plans are underway for the construction of a new terminal in the near future. CLT also has military facilities and is home to a small aviation museum with a collection of over 50 aircraft. Ground transport into Charlotte is provided by taxi ($25 flat fare), hotel shuttle, or the CATS “Sprinter” bus service, which operates from 5:30 am until 12 am and takes 20 minutes to reach the city center.

Stuff to do in Charlotte

At first glance, it may appear that Charlotte is all business: it is now the second-largest banking center in the US (after NYC) and is also a major hub for industry and tech startups. Just beneath its buttoned-up exterior, the “Queen City” sparkles with history, culture, and warm southern hospitality. Downtown Charlotte, called “Uptown” by locals, is one of the most visitor-friendly urban centers in the south with a burgeoning foodie scene, several great museums, and a rollicking nightlife. Sports are a big deal here: the Carolina Panthers NFL team has a huge following and every spring the NCAA basketball tournament takes over every widescreen. Once you move away from the skyscrapers, Charlotte is also home to some gracious historic neighborhoods, well worth a visit.

Advice for Tourists Visiting Charlotte

High summer in Charlotte can mean crowds, humidity, and heat up to 100 degrees in the middle of the day. The good news is that most attractions begin their “summer” hours in April, when the weather is a beautiful 70 degrees, the streets are clear, and the azalea is in bloom. You’ll also run into a full calendar of spring festivals, so you might want to book early. 


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