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Getting its start as a major U.S. city with roots in the oil and cotton industries, the Texan metropolis of Dallas is now the place where 1.3 million people call home. Considered by many to be one of the country’s “hearts of the South,” Dallas is a major economic hub with an annual metropolitan Gross Domestic Product of over $400 billion. It is also one of the fastest growing cities as far as employment numbers go.

Having sustained the largest year-to-year increase, it stood behind only Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago in 2013. “Big D” has recently acquired beta plus world city status on account of its sheer economic growth and strong financial infrastructure, thanks in no small part to housing the headquarters for a wide array of Fortune 500 companies in the banking, computer technology, and healthcare and medical research fields.

Flights from Dallas

Dallas/Fort Worth International is Dallas’ main airport, and it serves Texas’ metroplex. Spanning an area of over 17,000 acres, it is the largest airport in the state and second largest in the country. In terms of physical size, only Denver International is bigger.

In line with this, the airport has been dubbed the third busiest in the world for total aircraft movements and ninth busiest regarding passenger flight traffic. Dallas/Fort Worth International is so large that it is one of the few airports to have its own ZIP code and U.S. Postal Service city designation.

As of October, 2014, it served a grand total of 202 domestic and international destinations; there are only a select few airports that have this capability, among them being Charles de Gaulle, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta, Munich, and Dubai International! American Airlines, US Airways, Southwest Airlines, Delta, United, Alaska Airlines, Virgin America, and jetBlue all offer cheap flights from Dallas. The top international carriers for the city are airTran, Japan Airlines, Korean Air, WestJet, and Cape Air.

What to Do in Dallas

Tourists who visit the city in autumn are encouraged to check out the Texas State Fair located just southeast of downtown Dallas. White Rock Lake offers beautiful sights, there are an ample number of golf courses strewn about, and the Sandy Lake Amusement Park has some of the funnest adult and kid-friendly attractions in town! Travel by car to save money and get around quickly! 

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