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The Polynesian spirit of this bustling capital city is still strong, and while the crowds can be large, the laid-back vibe still dominates. From the moment your feet hit the ground in Honolulu, you’ll want to be carried away by that sweet island serendipity. 

Flights From Honolulu 

Honolulu International Airport (HNL) welcomes most visitors to the Hawaiian islands. Serving more than 21 million passengers annually, it’s by far the largest airport in Hawaii. HNL is the primary hub for Hawaiian Airlines and also an important hub for Asia Pacific Airlines, Island Air, and Mokulele Airlines. 

Direct flights from Honolulu to both the West and East coast of the US mainland are available. The Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle routes are by far the most popular, accounting for half the traffic between HNL and the mainland. Because of that volume, they may be your best bet for cheap flights from Honolulu, especially during the off season.

HNL is made up of three terminal buildings, which are connected by a fleet of “Wiki Wiki” buses (named after the Hawaiian word for “quick”). The terminals are divided and named by function, including the Main Overseas Terminal, the Interisland Terminal, and the Commuter Terminal. 

What to Do in Honolulu

The world famous Waikiki beach is an incredible spectacle. Sun worshippers and surfers alike flock to the shore, happy to mingle and enjoy the buzz. It’s not the place you’d choose for a peaceful island getaway, but it does have a joyful energy of its own. 

There are other, quieter beaches in Honolulu if you know where to look. Not all are watched over by lifeguards, though, so you enter the water at your own risk. Makapu'u Point, Sandy Beach, and Ala Moana Park are all beautiful options. 

If and when you can tear yourself away from the waterside, Honolulu has more to offer. For history buffs, there are some unmatchable military museums, including the USS Arizona Memorial. Visit The Bishop Museum, which showcases local history, artifacts, and natural science. 

Advice to Tourists Visiting Honolulu

December through April is the high season, especially for surfers and whale watchers. Just be prepared to pay top dollar. If you’re not looking for big waves, you’ll find some sweet deals in the autumn and the temperatures are still in the 70s and 80s. You may encounter a little rain, but it shouldn’t dampen your fun. 

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