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Flights from Las Vegas

Etched into our collective consciousness by a million movies and pop-culture references, Sin City really needs no introduction. Las Vegas is a glittering oasis of excess, hemmed in on all sides by the forbiddingly beautiful, Mojave desert. This is a place where anything can happen — and frequently does.

Flights from Las Vegas

McCarran International Airport (LAS) funnels almost 42 million passengers into Las Vegas each year. LAS is a focus city and the largest operating base for Allegiant Air and Southwest Airlines. It’s also a focus city for Spirit Airlines. Overall, more than 30 airlines provide service to LAS, which gives you a great chance of find cheap flights from Las Vegas.

The airport is made up of 3 terminals, of which only 2 are operational. Terminal 1 has 94 gates spread over 4 concourses and handles most flights. Terminal 3 is the newly constructed international terminal, completed in 2012: it boasts nearly 300 slot machines. T3 replaced Terminal 2, which is now closed and will eventually be demolished.

If you’re living large, limo service is the way to go: you’ll usually pay between $35 and $55. Taxis are plentiful and well organized and cost between $10 and $20. Shuttle buses will take you to any city center hotel for around $7, and there are several RTC bus routes which travel to various parts of the city. There’s a car rental center 3 miles from the airport and a complimentary shuttle bus to get you there.

Stuff to do in Las Vegas

Where do we start? If you can dream it then you can do it in Las Vegas. From superstar shows to decadent shopping centers, neverending steak buffets to luxury spas, an army of venues are ready and waiting to cater to your every whim. Las Vegas is an assault on the senses: miles of neon, the relentless ring of slot machines, and cries of joy or defeat from the casino floor.

If you decide to leave the strip for a breather, the devastatingly gorgeous desert landscapes just a few miles away can offer a bit of peace. A visit to the Red Rocks or the Grand Canyon can also give you a valuable sense of perspective.

Advice for Tourists in Las Vegas

Conventions, special events, and certain holidays can cause hotels to fill up rapidly, so check ahead before you book. The Las Vegas Tourism board keeps a schedule of conventions and can be a great planning resource.  

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