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The multifaceted personality of Tulsa is expressed in its many nicknames, which include The Buckle of The Bible Belt, Oil Capital of The World, and Green Country. The lush, rolling landscape around the city makes it something of an oasis for many Great Plains people. As a result, you’ll find a rich vein of comfort and culture in this city although its original Wild West edge.has never been completely dulled.

Flights from Tulsa

Tulsa International Airport (TUL) serves almost 3 million passengers each year, and shares facilities with the Air Force. It consists of a single passenger terminal which is quick and easy to get around. 

A central services hall connects to two short concourses, A and B. American Airlines, Allegiant Air, Delta, United, US Airways, American Eagle, and Sun Countries Airways all serve TUL. So does Southwest, which is handy when you’re looking for cheap flights from Tulsa. 

Getting from the city to the airport is usually easiest by car, and there’s a very convenient rental car facility in the parking lot. You can also take one of several buses, including the public Tulsa Transit routes and shuttle operated by private companies, Stillwater University, and many area hotels. A taxi to downtown will cost around $20, and there’s a $10 minimum fare.

Stuff to do in Tulsa

The Art Deco flavor of much of downtown owes everything to the oil wealth that has rolled through Tulsa for generations. Take a walking tour to discover the gorgeous architectural legacy of those years. Tulsa has its share of fascinating museums, many of them also paid for originally with oil money. 

The Gilcrease Museum displays one of the largest collections of western and Native American art in the world. If you have a soft spot for the tiny things in life, you’ll never forget a visit to the Ida Dennie Willis Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys, where over 2,000 impossibly charming little exhibits fill a beautifully restored 1910 mansion.

Advice to Tourists Visiting Tulsa

The weather in Tulsa is milder than much of the Midwest, but you can still count on some scorching summer days and biting winter winds. Between March and May you’re likely to get the best weather and can enjoy the wonderful city festivals which seem to crop up every other week at least in the spring. 

This can be a peak time for hotel rates, though, so plan ahead and book with Skyscanner’s free hotel price comparison service. We also recommend a car for getting around the city, so you might want to check out our free rental car price comparison tool. 


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