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Cheap Flights to Arizona


Courtesy of its hot, desert climate and wealth of attractions, millions of people visit the Grand Canyon State each year. It is also a top destination for retirees, especially those who have spent the better part of the years living in colder, northern U.S. regions.

Arizona is the sixth largest state in the country, and home to multiple national parks, forests, and monuments, hereby making it a coveted vacation spot for all outdoor enthusiasts. Like any desert area, always be prepared for extreme weather fluctuations (thunderstorms in the summer and dramatic temperature drops at night) in The Copper State!

Flights to Arizona

Situated in the heart of the state’s capital, Phoenix Sky Harbor International is Arizona’s biggest and most frequented airport, with respect to both domestic and foreign flights. It transports an estimated 40,000,000+ passengers per year, and is a major, regional hub for Southwest Airlines and US Airways. Tucson International Airport is the second busiest in the state, though its flight traffic pales in comparison to big brother!

Additional airports include Phoenix-Mesa Gateway, Grand Canyon National Park, and Laughlin/Bullhead. Domestic tourists can book direct flights to Arizona with Delta, United, jetBlue, Great Lakes Airlines, and Spirit Airlines. Volaris and airTran are the only international carrier featuring non-stop flights to the state.

What to Do In Arizona

Everyone deserves to and should see the Grand Canyon at least once in his or her lifetime. The beauty of this natural wonder is impossible to put into words, as few things compare to gazing across an 18-mile wide gap of rock over a valley of free-flowing water. The canyon is massive to say the least, and equally amazing to see at dawn and dusk!

Gather the family and head on over to the Pima Air & Space Museum and the Phoenix Zoo while you have the time. These famous, local attractions guarantee hours of fun for children and adults.

Must-Have Advice for Tourists Visiting Arizona

Tourists planning to visit one or more of Arizona’s national parks can save a lot of money by purchasing a National Parks Pass, which eliminates parking fees and line wait times. Given the size of the state and the distance between its many attractions, an affordable car rental is definitely in order for your vacation. Pack smart for Arizona’s temperamental climate; a lightweight jacket, hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen are essential. You can use Skyscanner’s free hotel price comparison tool to find a place to stay while enjoying all Arizona has to offer. Be sure to check Skyscanner’s Facebook page for updates. Stay in the social loop and save big on your trip to America’s favorite southwest hotspot!