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Europe is truly a cultural melting pot comprised of many countries, each with their own unique traditions, heritages, and lifestyles.  Many young people, especially American youth, consider it something of duty to visit Europe at least once while they are young, with backpacking treks still being a highly popular tourist adventure. Whether it is traveling to beautiful Paris with its luxurious coffee shops and famous Eiffel Tower or to Germany’s wild and crazy Oktoberfest festival, there is so much to see and do in this wonderful space.

Cheap Flights to Europe

To say Europe experiences a high volume of flight traffic is a sheer understatement, as the United Kingdom’s London Heathrow, France’s Paris-Charles de Gaulle, and Germany’s Frankfurt Airports collectively transported 200 million domestic and foreign passengers alone in 2013.  These figures are comparable for the Netherlands, Turkey, Spain, and many of the other international airports scattered throughout the continent. Direct flights to Europe from the United States can be reserved via Delta, United, American Airlines, British Airways, US Airways, Lufthansa, Air France, KLM, SAS, and SATA (among others). International tourists can choose from Turkish Airlines, jetBlue, Qatar Airways, and Korean Air for their airliners.

You made it to Europe….now what?!

Unless you have an unlimited budget and time on your hand, chances are you will need to make multiple trips here and/or prioritize where you want to go. A few places in Europe always top the list. Paris is one such city; the City of Lights and Love is majestic and full of life. The dining is world class and the sights incredible, enough said! 

Amsterdam is full of coffee shops and lined with brick streets, which also intertwine with a network of canals. It also boasts some of the best art museums on the planet. Who could forget London, where English culture, pubs, and amazing Sunday food markets await! Berlin, Barcelona, and The Greek Islands are just a taste of what Europe has to offer as well, so get to planning!

Tourist Tips

You can save a lot of money on food in Europe by eating at local shops and purchasing meals from street vendors instead of restaurants. Have a clear travel plan in order to avoid looping back and spending extra cash on train tickets. A Eurail Pass is a great way to save hundreds on travel expenses. 

The Euro is Europe’s primary currency, though some countries have yet to adopt it. Official languages vary, but English is spoken almost universally as a second.