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Cheap Flights to Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands

A cluster of islands in the Caribbean, the Cayman Islands are located roughly 90 miles south of Cuba and is best known for its tropical waters and beautiful beaches. Miles of coral reef systems make diving here a truly amazing experience, and the resort atmosphere is perfect for everyone from honeymooners to people longing for a week away in paradise!

The Cayman Islands are a British Overseas Territory, and are comprised of Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman. The island chain is famous for being a major offshore financial hub. Its residents enjoy the highest standard of living in the Caribbean, with the territory also having one of the top GDP’s per capita on the planet.

Flights to the Cayman Islands

Owen Roberts is the territory’s chief international airport, and it is situated in Grand Cayman. A central flight base for Cayman Airways, it is the sole remaining Caribbean airport featuring an “open-air” waving gallery for passengers. Multiple renovation projects have been implemented at Owen Roberts since 2007, with car park, pick-up/drop-off area expansions, as well as significant upgrades to the airport’s departure and customs/control hall all completed by 2012.

Roughly, one million foreign and domestic passengers fly through Owen Roberts each year. Direct flights to Cayman Islands from the United States can be booked with Delta, American Airlines, US Airways, United, and JetBlue. Air Canada and British Airways also offer nonstop flights to the territory.

What to Do in the Cayman Islands

Stingray City is a famous attraction that gives tourists the chance to get up close and personal with hundreds of live stingrays. Feel free to pet and kiss these animals at your leisure!

Bloody Bay Wall is a world-renowned diving spot located in Little Cayman; colorful coral reefs and tropical fish species are only seconds from the shore. Seven-Mile Beach, North Wall, and Governor’s Beach are popular tourist destination spots as well!

Tips for Tourists Visiting the Cayman Islands

Lodging accommodations are far from cheap here, so it would serve you well to book a flight/hotel bundle package if possible. Local island rentals are available if you know where to look.

Food is another costly expense, although shopping for groceries will save you some cash, especially in the capital city of Georgetown. Moped, scooter, and car rentals are in high supply. English is the official language of the territory. The Cayman Islands Dollar is the chief currency, though it is pegged to the United States Dollar. Every penny counts (and is well worth it) when visiting this tropical wonder. Use our free online hotel price comparison tool to scope out a great rate on beautiful accommodations throughout the Islands in both the on- and off-season!