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South of the United States border, Mexico stands as a country full of culture. The attractions in Mexico are as diverse as the country’s heritage, ranging from fast-paced nightclubs in Cancun to the adult party scene in Tijuana to the famous Mayan Ruins and everything that comes along with jungle exploration!

Flights To and From Mexico

Mexico is a major transnational zone, which is why the country has over 50 national and international airports. There are several main airports travelers should be aware of when booking Mexico flights. Benito Juarez services Mexico City, the nation’s capital. An airport particularly popular with beach-goers is, of course, Cancun. Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla is the destination for tourists who book trips to Guadalajara, a cultural hub known as the “Pearl of the West.” General Mariano Escobedo airport offers flights to Monterrey, a Beta World City brimming with innovation and a fast-paced lifestyle. Each of these airports and cities offer unique placement to Mexico’s various tourist destinations and hot spots.

Flights to Mexico from the U.S. are in large supply. The top airline companies are American Airlines, United, Delta, Aeromexico, US Airways, Alaska Airlines, Interjet, and Southwest, with the international market held by Copa, Avianca, TACA, and Condor.

The bustling Benito Juarez airport saw nearly 32 million domestic and international passengers enter through its gates in 2013. The Mexican tourist industry shows no signs of slowing, so use Skyscanner to book a flight to Mexico.

What is there to do in Mexico?

Blue water beaches, ancient ruins, and exotic mountain ranges are nestled inside this North American favorite. Mexico City, Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta, Playa del Carmen, Cabo San Lucas, and Guadalaraja should be familiar names, but do not forget to check out the dolphin swimming in San Jose del Cabo or the old world architecture in San Cristobal de las Casas!

If you are a fan of eating (and who isn’t), you are in luck! Food in Mexico is very reasonably priced. Expect to pay no more than $15 per day when shopping at local markets and vendors. Meals at nice sit-down restaurants are not much more.

Advice for Tourists Visiting Mexico

Buses are the primary form of travel in the country, and the rates are reasonable. A 5-hour trip will run approximately $30. Standard Taxicab fares apply in the city. Tourists can save a lot of money by traveling to Mexico in the off-season (May-December), in addition to visiting the country’s less frequented interior.

Before you are able to trek the amazing Chapultec Park or visit the famous Chichen Itza, book a cost-friendly Mexico flight with Skyscanner and use our hotel search tool to find a place to stay. Our team works hard to secure the cheapest airfare tickets, free of charge! 

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