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The irresistible forces of nature and time have made their mark on Norway as volcanoes and glaciers continually shape and reshape the land over the course of millennia. The result, as it stands today, is a dramatic, stark, and achingly beautiful landscape which stands in counterpoint to the warm Scandinavian charm and style of its cities.

Flights to Norway

There are over 50 international and regional airports in the country, making it possible to reach even some of the remoter parts of Norway by air. Norwegian Air Shuttle have recently begun offering cheap flights from the US, making it easier for Americans to plan what used to be a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

The biggest and busiest airport by far is Oslo International Airport (OSL). It serves almost 23 million passengers every year, and is a hub for Air Norway, Norwegian Long Haul, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Scandinavian Airlines, Sundt Air, and Wideroe. The single, beautifully designed terminal is a bit of a haven for travelers, with a “quiet room” and a moratorium on announcements outside of the immediate gate areas.

Other major international airports in Norway include Sandefjord (TRF), Moss (RYG), Stavanger (SVG), Begen (BGO), Trondheim (TRD), Tromso (TOS), and Ålesund (AES).

What to Do in Norway

Norway’s wonderful “right to access” law makes it an especially welcoming destination for backpackers. Camping for a few nights is free and legal just about anywhere, as long as you are 150m from houses or buildings, and are sure to leave no trace behind. Hiking is one of the best ways to fully take in the grandeur of Norway’s sweeping fjords and alpine forests. The country offers beautifully kept trails, hiking huts, and countless guided tours of each region.

The sophistication and aesthetic appeal of Norway’s major cities is unmatched. Sleek architecture and a sparkling sense of life are present on every corner. In smaller towns and villages, the picturesque character of the clustered wooden houses is almost painfully pretty.

Advice to Tourists Visiting Norway

Passports are necessary to enter Norway. The visa situation can occasionally be complicated depending on your country of origin, so check with your embassy. Citizens of Canada and the US do not require a visa for a stay of up to 90 days.

Due to the Gulf stream and other happy accidents of geography, the climate can be pleasant for much of the year, and downright warm in summer, where some parts of the country see temperatures into the 70s. When you visit will depend on whether you’re more of a Midnight Sun or Northern Lights sort, but most people plan summer trips.

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Images by Flickr/Mick Roche