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Cheap Flights to New Zealand

The country where the critically acclaimed Lord of the Rings movie series and many others were filmed features some of the most gorgeous scenery on the planet. Mountaintops that stretch into the sky, lush forests as green as the eye can see, and clear blue waters make New Zealand any adventurists’ dreamscape.

Flights to New Zealand

New Zealand has a wealth of international airports, but the largest and busiest can be found in the country’s capital of Auckland. It transported nearly 15 million domestic and foreign passengers in 2013, with Christchurch International, Wellington International, and Queenstown International comprising an additional 12 million passengers for the year. Perhaps not surprisingly, the air traffic to New Zealand has steadily increased over the years, which is a case in point example of its popularity as a world tourist spot.

Direct flights from the U.S. can be booked with Air New Zealand and Hawaiian Airlines, while the top international carriers are United, Emirates, American Airlines, Virgin Australia, ANA, Air Canada, and Delta.

Where You Want to be: What New Zealand has to offer

Travelers up for hours of day and nighttime fun will be enthralled by Queenstown. From the ever-popular bungee jumping scene to out of this world food to a night life atmosphere like no other, this city is bound to keep you entertained for much longer than planned. Likewise, an outdoor excursion to Hike Franz Josef Glacier will test your physical strength and adventure-seeking spirit, especially since part of the journey means going through a series of glacier tunnels!

Fans of the Lord of the Rings franchise cannot deny the coolness factor of Tongariro Crossing, the filming site for the legendary Mordor stronghold. Pack the essentials though, as this hiking trip will take a full day to complete. Last but certainly not least, finish your vacation by skydiving over Lake Taupo; a 14,000-foot plunge over a breathtaking landscape is Kodak-moment approved!

Tips for Tourists Visiting New Zealand

Saving money here means avoiding eating out whenever possible. A meal at a typical sit-down restaurant runs $20 per person, whereas a week’s worth of groceries can be purchased for under $50. Use the public bus system (advance reservations on the Naked Bus are under $1 thanks to promotional fares), and keep inner-country flights to a minimum. New Zealand country tours are extremely expensive, so plan your itinerary carefully to avoid budget pitfalls!

We know you are eager to see the ins and outs of this awesome country, but be forewarned that almost all of the popular tourist excursions cost a hefty chunk of change. Let Skyscanner help you spend your hard-earned cash on the fun stuff by using our hotel price comparison tool! Cheap flights to New Zealand are available in the off and peak seasons, so book early! 


Images by Flickr/kiwinz