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Punta Cana Airport

Set on the eastern side of the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana International is this Caribbean island’s largest and most frequented airport. It is privately owned and has an architectural style that reflects the nation’s cultural elements, namely a number of open-air terminals, each of which feature palm fronds covered rooftops.

As a result of the country’s rising popularity as a global tourist zone, Punta Cana has experience a recent upsurge in flight traffic. Over 5 million domestic and international passengers are transported through its gates every year, thanks in no small way to a recent expansion effort in 2011 that added an additional runway and Air Traffic Control tower.

Flights to Punta Cana

Of the 60,000 and growing commercial flights to Punta Cana, (the airport has an estimated annual traffic increase of 20%), most of these are split equally between local and foreign airliners. The airport currently has five terminals: two international, a VIP, a domestic, and an FBO.

Direct flights from the United States can be reserved with Delta, jetBlue, American Airlines, US Airways, United, AirTran, LAN, and Frontier Airlines. Tourists from outside of the U.S. can book a flight to Punta Cana International via Copa, Air Canada, Air France, British Airways, Avianca, and Condor.

What to Do in Punta Cana

Like all of the islands in the Caribbean, Punta Cana is every adventure seekers dream getaway. Enjoy the natural beauty of the islands via the country’s sun-soaked beaches, A stroll down Costa del Coco, better known as the “Coconut Coast,” will reward you with calm waters and breathtaking sunsets.

The more adventurous may want to head to Isla Saona and enjoy a speedboat ride, exploring the beautiful waters of the coastline. Head to Bavaro to enjoy some quality time with wildlife and marine animals at Manati Park, home to such exotic creatures as iguanas, dolphins, and beautiful tropical birds.

Tips for Travelers

Spanish is the official language of the Dominican Republic, but many locals are also privy to speaking English. To make the most of your vacation, it will help to pack a translation dictionary and ask for help when needed. The Dominican peso is the country’s primary currency, but there are a number of exchange banks near Punta Cana International available to foreign tourists. Getting around the island means renting a car, taking the Santo Domingo Subway, or paying a cab fare.

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