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Flights to Seattle

Coffee, alternative music, the Space Needle, and rain: many things come to mind when you conjure up this hip city. Yet, the Seattle rain will never stop you from having a great time in this city.

Flights to and From Seattle Airports

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) is the main airport serving the Seattle area. Almost 35 million people pass through each year. Over 90 cities around the world operate non-stop flights to the airport, making it easy to find convenient, cheap flights to Seattle with Skyscanner’s free price comparison tool.

SEA is Alaska Airline’s primary hub, and it also acts as a hub and international gateway for Delta Airlines. Southwest and United Airlines have a considerable presence, and all the other major American carriers also offer flights to Seattle.

Bellingham International Airport and William R. Fairchild International Airport are both within driving distance of Seattle, but will add hours to your travel time. Your other option is to fly into Vancouver International Airport, but that is also a 2 hour drive from the city and introduces a level of international complexity.

There are some public transportation options from SEA, including light rail and express buses. Because many visitors to Seattle want to explore the surrounding natural features and the airport is so accessible from the Interstate, most people opt to rent a car. If you’d like to join them, check out Skyscanner’s car rental search tool. It’s totally free to use and it’s the best way to get a great deal.

Things to Do In Seattle

The Emerald City boasts a stunning skyline and is surrounded on all sides by the gripping natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, bordered by sea and mountains. Outdoorsy tourists will enjoy the spectacular opportunities for hiking, cycling, and kayaking available only a stone’s throw from the city.

If you insist on staying dry, Seattle offers a staggering array of museums, galleries, and other indoor attractions. If you fancy some shopping and a bit of banter, the Pike Place Market is covered on several levels, with millions of sights, smells and tastes on offer. And of course, you must ascend the Space Needle Spire for a 360 degree view of the city and Mount Rainier.

Getting out onto the water can give you a whole new perspective on Seattle. Cruises around the harbor and Elliot Bay are available with witty narration about the history and culture of the city. If you have an extra day, catch the ferry out to Bainbridge Island and relax in the lovely and tranquil Blodel Reserve.

Advice for Tourists Visiting Seattle

More than 18 million tourists come to Seattle every year. The summers, though brief, are beautiful and dry, so consider scheduling your visit for July, when clear skies and 75 degree days make Seattle a paradise.

Whatever adventure you choose, you’re going to need a cozy place to call home in Seattle. Skyscanner’s free hotel comparison will sort you out with a great room and a great deal.  

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