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El Salvador

Cheap Flights to El Salvador

The Republic of El Salvador is the smallest and also the most densely populated country in all of Central America. A bulk of the citizens can be found in the capital city of San Salvador, most of whom are Mestizos, or individuals who have a mixture of Native American and European ancestry.

With over 6.3 million people and a booming industrial economy, El Salvador has a strong Spanish, cultural heritage, which is reflected in its history and building architecture.

Flights to El Salvador

Monsenor Oscar Arnulfo Romero (also simply referred as El Salvador) is the country’s largest and busiest international airport. The Japanese Government funded its construction cost in 1980 and it now transports an estimated 2.1 foreign and domestic passengers per year.

El Salvador International once served as a major flight hub for the now obsolete TACA Airlines, which is now Avianca. Veca Airlines is another large Central American carrier that began using the airport for its flights in the summer of 2014.

Growing passenger traffic required a couple major expansions, which included the addition of 10 boarding gates and extra waiting areas. Direct flights to El Salvador from the United States are available through United, Delta, American Airlines, Avianca, and Spirit Airlines. International tourists can board non-stop flights via Copa, TACA, Aeromexico, and US Airways.

What to Do in El Salvador

Montecristo Cloud Forest is a jungle that stretches up to 7,000 feet into the air and has a diverse ecosystem. From colorful orchids to green mosses to spider monkeys, this is a fantasyland for the adventurer at heart.

There is no better place to surf in Central America than La Libertad, a famous beach resort that caters to the authentic tourist market. Volcano hiking is yet one more way to see El Salvador’s majestic sites; llamatepec, Izalco, and Quetzaltepec are active and exciting!

Tips for Tourists Visiting El Salvador

The cost of lodging in El Salvador is very inexpensive, with mid-range hotels priced at approximately $30 per night. Food is also cheap, with the most affordable, local meals costing no more than a few dollars.

Use the public bus system to save on transportation expenses, otherwise use the taxi ride. Spanish is the official spoken language, although most residents speak English. The U.S. dollar has been the primary currency since it replaced the colon in 2012.

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