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The city of Tucson is a cultural jewel glittering in the desert of the Southwest. Historic neighborhoods and colorful 19th century buildings provide a backdrop for the vibrant energy of college-town life. Just outside the city, the desert valley and mountains beckon you to explore their stark beauty.

Flights to Tucson

Tucson International Airport (TUS) is the second busiest in Arizona. It serves just under 3 million commercial passengers every year, and is also a busy cargo and military airport. Although it is a designated international airport, it only operates domestic passenger flights. American Airlines, Delta, Southwest, Alaska, United and US Airways all offer direct flights to Tucson.

TUS has one main terminal. The airport is 8 miles south of downtown Tucson. There’s a shared van service available for hire, as well as the usual hotel shuttles, taxis, and rental car facilities. The public SunTran Bus service also operates several routes into the city.

What to Do in Tucson

Go for a wander through the beautiful neighborhoods of this place, savoring the distinct personalities of each. The Barrio Histórico and the El Presidio Historic District are the next best thing to stepping back into time in old-world Mexico. Go shopping for vintage steals, designer duds and Mexican handicrafts in the many boutiques that dot the city, catering to everyone from broke students to ritzy socialites. The Mexican food on offer here is arguably the best you’ll find north of the border.

Just outside the city you’ll find an incredible landscape waiting to be discovered: Saguaro National Park. Giant slow-growing cactus loom over the trails, and the other-worldly rock formations, the mountains, and the canyons provide a glowing stage for the most brilliant sunset you’re ever likely to see. Stop in at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum to learn more about the history and ecology of this magical place.

Advice for Tourists Visiting Tucson

The shimmering heat of a desert city in summertime is not to be trifled with. Bone dry air and temperatures soaring past 100 degrees can leave you limp and wrung out in minutes. Of course, air conditioning is ubiquitous, but if you want to get out and enjoy the natural wonders of this place, you might prefer to visit in April or May. Averages between 80 and 90 are still hot, but much more comfortable.

Tucson is a great refuge from the snow, if you want to come in wintertime, but that’s peak tourist season, so book early and use Skyscanner’s free hotel price comparison tool to get the best deal. We highly recommend having a car to take you outside the city limits, and our handy rental car price comparison tool is another free way to save.  

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