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Cheap flights from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson to Nashville

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson to Nashville

  • $329 was the cheapest return price from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson to Nashville last month
  • The average flight time from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson to Nashville is 1h 2min
  • Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson to Nashville is 213 miles
  • 2 airlines fly direct from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson to Nashville
  • The most popular airline flying from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson to Nashville last month was Delta
  • There are 78 flights a week from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson to Nashville

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A historic, American city that was once destroyed and brought back to life, Atlanta truly is the vanguard of the New South in many respects. Now an ever-growing metropolis, the capital of Georgia has a big influence on the logistics, media operations, and IT sectors. Its economy is as diverse as its population’s cultural makeup, and having a $270 billion annual GDP, it has been classified as an alpha city.

215 miles to the northwest lies Nashville, The Country Music Capital of the world that those traveling from Atlanta can reach in about 1 hour by plane. The climate is noticeably different between the two cities.

Georgia’s capital is closer to the Atlantic coast, and can thus get very warm in the summer months, whereas Nashville is farther inland and is more susceptible to snow and ice in the winter. The traffic in Atlanta can be very congested at times due to the city’s high population density, so travelers will welcome the more open roadways when driving. The only carrier that offers direct flights from Atlanta to Nashville is Delta Air Lines.

All About Atlanta’s Airport

Seven miles from the city’s business district is the Hartsfield-Jackson, which among other things, is the busiest international airport on Earth. The sheer volume of passenger traffic that The Gate City’s chief operating airfield sees each year is amazing to say the least. Chicago O’Hare recently outdid it in 2014 in terms of flight traffic, but Hartsfield-Jackson still has more aircraft take-offs and landings than any other, and it has since 1998.

Delta Air Lines has its headquarters on the premises, and this is where its Technical Operations Center is housed. Over 60% of the flights to and from the airport are conducted via this carrier alone, followed by Southwest Airlines, AirTran, and ExpressJet.

Nashville on the Radar

Music City, USA is where multiple world-famous stars are from, including Kings of Leon, Paramore, Ben Folds, and Haystak. It is also the home of the renowned Grand Ole Opry; the theatre house that has been hosting grand performances since opening 1925.

There is plenty to do even if you do not plan on watching a concert. Fontanel Mansion, Lane Motor Museum, The Johnny Cash Museum (another musical legend), Radnor Lake, and The Parthenon are a few notable ones. The latter is the only full-sized replica of the ancient Greek structure.

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