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Cheap flights from Birmingham to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson

Birmingham to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson

  • Birmingham to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson is 134 miles
  • The average flight time from Birmingham to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson is 52min
  • There are 75 flights a week from Birmingham to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson
  • $389 was the cheapest return price from Birmingham to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson last month
  • 1 airline flies direct from Birmingham to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson
  • The most popular airline flying from Birmingham to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson last month was Delta

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These two cities have a lot in common, but there’s no question that Atlanta is the “big city” with all that entails, and it’s worth the quick trip for a special occasion or just because you’d like a change of pace. Only about 150 miles and a state line separate Birmingham from Atlanta, and if you’re flying nonstop you can make the journey with less than an hour spent in the air.

Making your way to Birmingham Airport

This is Alabama’s biggest and busiest airport, but it’s still small, friendly, and manageable. It has one brand-new terminal building which boasts all the modern efficiencies you could want, with zippy security lines and very short walks between the three concourses (A, B, and C.) It’s comfortable and pleasant, and those who love microbrews will be happy to know that the local “Good People” brewery has a bar on the upper level.

The airport is only 5 miles outside of the city, so it’s a pretty quick drive, depending on traffic, of course. There are many parking options, including the remote parking lot which costs only $10 a day and is connected to the terminal by a free shuttle bus. There is no direct public transportation link to BHM, but several private shuttle, taxi, and limo companies provide service to the airport: you’ll need to make arrangements ahead of time as all these services are by reservation only.

Arriving in Atlanta

For a bit of big-city buzz in the south, it’s hard to beat Atlanta, which is quickly catching up to many big northern cities in terms of entertainment options, cultural enrichment, and culinary sophistication. The Andrews Entertainment District, downtown, is a huge spot for nightlife, with many exciting restaurants, bars and clubs packed into a couple of blocks, including an authentic 1920s-style speakeasy. (You’ll have to get the secret password before you can sample their cocktails.)

Unsurprisingly, the heat in Atlanta can be oppressive in the summer. If you want to enjoy the outdoors, try visiting in the spring. April brings gently warming weather, the Dogwood Festival, and live music throughout the city. If you do visit in the hot months, at least the air-conditioning is state of the art, and there are plenty of indoor opportunities for fun. Check out the world’s largest aquarium, home to penguins, sharks, and thousands of other creatures, spend an afternoon among the contemporary artworks at the Besharat Gallery, and stop by the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, which carries on the legacy of Martin Luther King Junior.

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