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Cheap flights from Chattanooga to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson

Chattanooga to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson

  • Chattanooga to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson is 105 miles
  • The average flight time from Chattanooga to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson is 41min
  • The most popular airline flying from Chattanooga to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson last month was Delta
  • There are 62 flights a week from Chattanooga to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson
  • 1 airline flies direct from Chattanooga to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson

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Tennessee’s fourth largest city lies along the state’s river and is very close to Georgia’s border. Due to the close proximity to the border, the destination is a mere 104 miles and 52 minutes to the Southeast.  Popularized by Glen Miller’s famous song, Chattanooga is a historic site of the South that draws in a fair amount of tourists each year.

Direct flights from Chattanooga to Atlanta can be booked via American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and US Airways. The Gate City its departure location counterpart to an incredible degree in terms of population size; Atlanta’s current metro population comes close to 5.6 million, and it has a greater urban as opposed to outdoorsy scene.


Leaving Chattanooga Metropolitan

Known locally as Lovell Field, Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport is based five miles outside of the city’s downtown business district, and it is equipped with one concourse and five individual passenger gates.

Plans are currently in the works for the development of a high-speed rail line that would connect the facility to metro Atlanta, and if successful, this would give residents living in Georgia a viable alternative to much busier Hartsfield-Jackson.

Lovell Field has seen the transportation of 600,000+ foreign and domestic passengers in recent years, so it is understandable for those living in Atlanta to want to downscale from the near 75 million processed in their home city.


What to do after arriving in ATL

Three massive skyscrapers comprise Atlanta’s skyline, and stand testament to the city’s incredible size. Visitors would do well to become accustomed with the various districts, the most popular of which for tourists are Downtown, Midtown, Buckhead, and Decatur. The latter is a great place for those wishing to visit boutique shops and indulge at upscale restaurants.

While in town, you may want to pay a daytrip to the Georgia Aquarium, Six Flags amusement park, High Museum of Art, Grant Park, and Watershed restaurant. Great good and fun-filled attractions are what Atlanta is famous for, so feel free to roam around at your leisure!

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