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Chicago to Denver International

  • The average flight time from Chicago to Denver International is 2h 29min
  • Chicago to Denver International is 883 miles
  • The most popular airline flying from Chicago to Denver International last month was United
  • There are 201 flights a week from Chicago to Denver International
  • 6 airlines fly direct from Chicago to Denver International
  • $113 was the cheapest return price from Chicago to Denver International last month

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There are a thousand miles between Chicago’s sharp skyline and Denver’s mountain views. You’ll cover the distance in about two and a half hours in the air if you’re flying direct, and the trip will take you from the shores of Lake Michigan across the American heartland and into one of the country’s most beautiful landscapes.

You’re spoiled for choice regarding nonstop flights from Chicago to Denver. From Chicago O’Hare(OHR) you have your choice of three airlines. American, United, and Spirit all have a large volume of non-stop traffic to Denver International Airport(DEN.) You also have the option of flying from Chicago’s Midway Airport(MDW.) Both Southwest and Frontier airlines offer multiple daily direct flights to Denver.

Making your way to Chicago’s airports

Chicago O’Hare is one of the world’s busiest airports by passenger traffic, and it sprawls over four enormous passenger terminals (1, 2, 3, and 5. There is no Terminal 4.) Plan on arriving two hours before your flight to account for long walks and possible security delays.

Arriving at O’Hare via public transport couldn’t be simpler, and you might even get there faster than you would in traffic. Just catch the CTA Blue Line train, which runs every 15 minutes, 24/7 between the Loop and the airport’s main parking garage. It’s about a half hour long ride.

Sometimes, flying out of Chicago Midway can make your life a little simpler. It’s much smaller, with just one terminal split into three concourses. Midway is just 8 miles from downtown, and the CTA Orange Line will get you to the airport in 25 minutes. Just be aware that you’ll have a walk from the airport stop to Midway’s terminal. Budget 10 - 15 minutes to traverse the tunnel.

Arriving in Denver

Denver’s biggest asset is the wealth of natural beauty surrounding the city on all sides. The city is so proud of its gorgeous scenery that it actually has a law against new buildings which can obstruct the view from the State Capitol. Mountains are visible for 140 miles.

Many visitors focus their visit almost entirely on the great outdoors. Hiking and snow and water sports are enormously popular in the pristine national parks. With the highest percentage of arts spending per capita in the US, it’s a cultural mecca in the wilderness. Downtown is diverse, picturesque, and totally bikeable.

Once you’ve worn yourself out adventuring, visit one of the dozens of excellent microbreweries for a well-earned craft beer.

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