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Chicago to Detroit

  • $201 was the cheapest return price from Chicago to Detroit last month
  • Detroit is served by 2 airports. These are Detroit City, Detroit Wayne County.
  • The average flight time from Chicago to Detroit is 1h
  • There are 216 flights a week from Chicago to Detroit
  • 4 airlines fly direct from Chicago to Detroit
  • The most popular airline flying from Chicago to Detroit last month was Delta
  • Chicago to Detroit is 246 miles

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Shopping, films, live musical shows, comedy houses, and baseball are the reasons why Second City receives an estimated 50 million foreign and domestic tourists every single year. Chicago is undeniably one of the United States’ biggest and most popular cities, and it has been for nearly a century. A central hub for a plethora of major industries, including the finance, commerce, and transportation fields, it will forever be the indispensable link between the country’s coastlines

Detroit is 238 miles and 1 hour and 4 minutes (this includes gate departure and the taxi to runway trip) to the East. Chicago tends to be a little warmer and has fewer rainy days than the destination city, not to mention it is much larger than its Michigan counterpart with regards to population size.

There tends to be more to do entertainment wise in The Windy City, but Detroit is often believed to have a better nightlife scene and is less densely populated for those who prefer an easy-going vacation. The major carriers that offer direct flights from Chicago to Detroit are American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta, and United.

Planning Your Departure from Chi-Town

The congestion of Chicago is reflected in its chief international airport. To say O’Hare is massive is an understatement, and this is why it is hardly a surprise that the facility continually ranks at the top of the list for annual passenger traffic and total takeoffs/landings.

Accessible by train, bus, and car, O’Hare is approximately 20 miles from the downtown core. It features four terminals, one of which is dedicated solely to international flights. Passengers can stay in the on-site, Hilton Chicago O’Hare Hotel for convenient lodging. The headquarters for United Airlines, the airport is full of comfortable lounge areas and has a great “Kids on the Fly” Exhibit that is the perfect place to take your children during layovers.

Destination Detroit

The Motor City is best known for its major contributions to the automobile industry. This is where the first assembly line started, as well as the modern rock and techno music industry.

There are hundreds of attractions in Detroit; many visitors find they do not have enough time to see a fraction of what this metropolis has to offer. The Detroit Institute of Arts, Motown Historical Museum, Guardian Building, Riverwalk, and Ford Field should help get your travel itinerary underway!

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