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Cheap flights from Chicago to Las Vegas Mccarran

Chicago to Las Vegas Mccarran

  • The most popular airline flying from Chicago to Las Vegas Mccarran last month was Southwest Airlines
  • The average flight time from Chicago to Las Vegas Mccarran is 2h 46min
  • There are 166 flights a week from Chicago to Las Vegas Mccarran
  • 7 airlines fly direct from Chicago to Las Vegas Mccarran
  • Chicago to Las Vegas Mccarran is 1,508 miles
  • $132 was the cheapest return price from Chicago to Las Vegas Mccarran last month

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An international hub for multiple, major industries, Chicago has the third largest gross domestic product in the United States, smaller only than New York in the East and Los Angeles in the West. Many commonalities can be drawn between Chi-Town and Las Vegas, namely that both witness high annual, tourist volume, albeit for different reasons.

The southwestern desert-based destination is 1,524 miles away. Flying from O’Hare, the trip to Vegas averages about 3 ½ hours. The biggest difference you will find is the weather; going from the upper Midwest to southern Nevada understandably brings big temperature changes. Direct flights from Chicago to Las Vegas are available through American Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Continental Airlines, United, and US Airways.

O’Hare on the Horizon

Now recognized as the planet’s busiest airport, Chicago’s O’Hare International transports an estimated 70 million foreign and domestic passengers per year, in addition to serving non-stop routes to 210 global destinations.

Only a few airports around the world have the capability to achieve such a feat, so it is definitely impressive that O’Hare can do all of this and still be deemed the Best Airport in North America for ten consecutive years.

Streamlined efficiency and world-class passenger services are the norm for Chicago’s leading airbase. Dozens of stores can be found inside the airport, along with awesome public art exhibits and affordable WiFi access.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

So the old saying goes, but you do not have to be a lover of the lotto machines to enjoy your stay in The Gambling Capital of the World. If you have ever seen the city’s world-famous strip at night, you know the scenery and lively nightlife scene is enough in itself.

Entertainment is always the name of the game in Nevada’s tourist market pride and joy (Vegas is deemed one of the top travel destinations in the world), so be prepared to bring plenty of spending cash. When not delving in the fun at Caesar’s Palace or The Mirage, why not buy tickets to Cirque de Soleil?! Lake Mead and Hoover Dam are just 30 minutes away, and the Shark Reef Aquarium is full of exotic sea creatures the whole family will enjoy watching!

If there was ever a place where tourists should carry extra spending money, Sin City is it. Let Skyscanner increase your bankroll by providing cheap flights from Chicago to Las Vegas. We do airfare compare the right way!


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