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Cheap flights from Chicago to Miami International

Chicago to Miami International

  • $135 was the cheapest return price from Chicago to Miami International last month
  • The average flight time from Chicago to Miami International is 2h 57min
  • There are 91 flights a week from Chicago to Miami International
  • 4 airlines fly direct from Chicago to Miami International
  • The most popular airline flying from Chicago to Miami International last month was American Airlines
  • Chicago to Miami International is 1,196 miles

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A city with a never-ending supply of nicknames, Chicago is widely considered the economic link between the Eastern and Western parts of the United States. Home to leading corporate names such as McDonalds, Boeing, Sears Holding Corporation, and many more, The Windy City is by and large one of the most influential cities on the planet. While a great place to live and vacation, it is typical for residents of the North to plan vacations to hotter, tropical Miami!

Florida’s top entertainment destination is 1,188 miles from Chi-Town and approximately 3 hours away by air travel. The Gateway to the America’s is known for its fast-paced lifestyle, something people from Chicago are quite used to, albeit in a different atmosphere! American Airlines, US Airways, United Airlines, and Continental Airlines can all be used for direct Chicago to Miami flights, with American typically offering the quickest routes.

Brief Overview of O’Hare

On the city’s Far Northwest Side lies the world’s busiest airport. This does not come as a shock to anyone who lives or who has ever visited Chicago, as the hustle and bustle of this major metropolis is mirrored inside its principal airfield, O’Hare International.

Since the fall of 2014, the airport ranks the highest for the most flight take-offs and landings, and runs a close third for total, annual passenger traffic in the United States.

There are four terminals inside O’Hare, one of which only caters to international flights, as well as 9 concourses and 182 passenger gates. Kick back and relax at one of the airport’s many premier lounges, in particular the American Flagship Lounge housed in Terminal 3.

Make those memories in Miami last a lifetime!

Your tropical paradise, vacation, getaway, or whatever you wish to call it is waiting for you. Miami is the place people think of when they think of having fun in Florida. The local beaches are always a go-to hotspot, especially famous South Beach where shops and bars line the pathways by the dozens.

Coral Castle is a great sight to see, despite being a bit far from the city center, as is Little Havana and the legendary Florida Keys. Magic City’s Downtown District is where a bulk of its parks, museums, and theaters can be found. To soak up the sun longer, use Skyscanner’s unrivaled intellisearch engine today for cheap flights from Chicago to Miami!


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