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Cheap flights from Chicago to Pittsburgh Int'l Apt.

Chicago to Pittsburgh Int'l Apt.

  • The average flight time from Chicago to Pittsburgh Int'l Apt. is 1h 15min
  • There are 129 flights a week from Chicago to Pittsburgh Int'l Apt.
  • 4 airlines fly direct from Chicago to Pittsburgh Int'l Apt.
  • The most popular airline flying from Chicago to Pittsburgh Int'l Apt. last month was Southwest Airlines
  • Chicago to Pittsburgh Int'l Apt. is 412 miles
  • $232 was the cheapest return price from Chicago to Pittsburgh Int'l Apt. last month

Find the cheapest month to travel from Chicago to Pittsburgh Int'l Apt.

Making your way east from Chicago to Pittsburgh is a pretty straightforward journey. You’ll be covering 410 miles, and the flight should last about an hour and a half.


American and United offer full schedules of nonstop flights between Chicago O’Hare (ORD) and Pittsburgh International, giving you more than a dozen flights to choose from on most days. Those who would rather travel from Chicago Midway (MDW) are in luck: Southwest offers between 4 and 6 direct flights daily.


Making your way to Chicago’s airports

Chicago O’Hare is a massive airport by any standard, and one of the world’s busiest in terms of passenger traffic. Getting around can take some time, so we recommend arriving at least two hours before your flight in case you run into a backed up security line or an unexpectedly long walk. It’s easy to make it to this airport by public transport. The CTA Blue Line train runs directly to the airport every 15 minutes. There are trains 24/7 and the ride takes around half an hour.


Chicago Midway’s much smaller size, lower profile, and less crowded halls appeal to many passengers. There’s only one terminal, which has three concourses. Located just 8 miles from downtown Chicago, it’s a quick drive, or you can opt for the public transportation option. Grab the CTA Orange Line from the Loop to the airport. It’s a 25 minute journey, but you’ll also need to walk through a tunnel from the airport stop to the terminal. Budget an extra 10 to 15 minutes for the stroll.


Arriving in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh has a legacy as a center of industry, and while the changing fortunes of the country’s industrial sector have left their mark on the city, that’s not the whole story. A healthy portion of the fortunes made here in earlier generations were reinvested in the city, and you can see that legacy in the beautiful parks and architecture, the cultural institutions and the universities. In fact, the early wealth bestowed on Pittsburgh is what earned it the nickname "Paris of Appalachia".


Spend a sunny afternoon wandering in Frick Park, or stroll among the indoor and outdoor gardens of the renowned Phipps Conservatory. If you’ve had enough walking for the day, hitch a ride on the century old cable car incline to Mount Washington’s Peak, and revel in the impressive views. If you needed an excuse to splash out and treat yourself, remember this: in Pittsburgh, clothing and food are both exempt from sales and use tax!


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