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Cheap flights from Denver International to Seattle

Denver International to Seattle

  • $181 was the cheapest return price from Denver International to Seattle last month
  • The most popular airline flying from Denver International to Seattle last month was Alaska Airlines
  • The average flight time from Denver International to Seattle is 2h 40min
  • Denver International to Seattle is 1,025 miles
  • There are 169 flights a week from Denver International to Seattle
  • 6 airlines fly direct from Denver International to Seattle
  • Seattle is served by 3 airports. These are Seattle Boeing Fld, Seattle Lake Union SPB, Seattle / Tacoma International.

Find the cheapest month to travel from Denver International to Seattle

Denver and Seattle: These two mountain cities have a lot of common in terms of amazing outdoor living, but they are 1,021 miles apart as the crow flies. On a nonstop flight, you’ll need an average of two and a half hours in the air to cover that distance.


There are plenty of options for direct flights between Denver and Seattle. United, Southwest, Frontier and Alaska Airlines all operated full schedules for this route. You’ll have at least 14 nonstop flights to choose from on any given day.


Making your way to Denver International (DEN)


The beautiful Jeppesen Terminal was built to resemble the soaring snowcapped peaks of its neighboring snow-capped mountain peaks. This pretty airport is also comfortable and convenient, making it a favorite with travelers from around the world.


The smart layout streamlines everything, with the main terminal serving as a base of operations. This is where all check in, ticketing, baggage handling and security operations take place.


You have your choice of free basic WiFi or a paid upgrade to the premium version. If you’re bringing your pet, you can avail of the special pet relief area, or let him stay behind in comfort at the luxurious airport boarding facility, which has incredible amenities like pools, flat screen televisions and round-the-clock live webcams so you can always check in on your furry pal.


If you want to take public transportation to the airport, you can grab one of the frequent Skyride buses. The service has five routes throughout the city, and fare costs between $9 and $13.


Arriving in Seattle


While Denver is famously sunny, Seattle is famously rainy. But it’s not as big a deal as you might think. Throw on a fleece and a windbreaker, and you’re ready to roam. This is a very walkable city, and many of the best things to do in Seattle all happen outside. With both the mountains and the water within arm’s reach, hiking, climbing, kayaking, and sailing are all hugely popular.


Once you get your fill of fresh air, Seattle has plenty of exciting indoor attractions, too. The epic ride up the Space Needle Spire shouldn’t be missed. The city’s museums are wonderful too. The Museum of History and Industry may sound a little dry, but the interactive exhibits are engaging for people of all ages.


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