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Cheap flights from El Paso International to Dallas

El Paso International to Dallas

  • $275 was the cheapest return price from El Paso International to Dallas last month
  • Dallas is served by 2 airports. These are Dallas Love Field, Dallas Fort Worth International.
  • The average flight time from El Paso International to Dallas is 1h 35min
  • El Paso International to Dallas is 557 miles
  • There are 100 flights a week from El Paso International to Dallas
  • 3 airlines fly direct from El Paso International to Dallas
  • The most popular airline flying from El Paso International to Dallas last month was American Airlines

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One of the many cities that share a border with Mexico; El Paso is an essential part of The Borderland, and is Texas’ sixth biggest municipality concerning population size. Interestingly, its geography and terrain naturally divide Sun City into its various districts.

If Dallas is your destination, and is situated 571 miles to the East of the departure city. You can expect your total in-flight time to take 1 hour and 30 minutes; reserve your direct, non-stop flights from El Paso to Dallas with Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, and Gulf Air Bahrain.

Despite being relative close to one another, the two cities are a world away from one another in terms of scenery and atmosphere. El Paso fully embraces southwestern culture and is one of the few cities in the state to have mountains. Dallas is a lot larger and more urbanized.


En Route to El Paso International

The idea for Sun City’s chief operating airport came after famous pilot Charles Lindbergh visited the area during one of his many trips. Originally named Standard Airport in 1929 would eventually come to be known as El Paso International, the modern airfield that currently caters to an annual passenger base neighboring 3.2 million.

Today, the airport covers almost 7,000 acres and is equipped with three runways. Its main terminal is laid out in a pier-satellite arrangement, with 15 passenger gates branching away from the primary entrance. Free Wi-Fi is offered throughout the entire facility. You can also find two shoeshine booths and three self-service kiosks in the terminal (Best Buy, Max Wellness, and 24 Hour Flower).


Big D travel memories

Since it is the core of the state’s biggest metropolitan area, it is safe to say Dallas is a pinnacle tourist zone for Texas. Massive in population and land area, Big D is subdivided into numerous large districts, the popular ones for tourists being Downtown, East Dallas, Oak Cliff, Uptown, and Oak Lawn.

Highland Park Village, Bishop Arts District, Katy Trail, The Centurian Lounge, Kessler Theater, and Galleria Dallas are a very small part of what can be found in Texas’ second biggest city. A magnificent nightlife scene and shopping centers galore are sure to have you booking more cheap flights from El Paso to Dallas in the future. Use Skyscanner’s mobile app when you do decide to!



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