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Houston to New York

  • $227 was the cheapest return price from Houston to New York last month
  • New York is served by 3 airports. These are New York Newark, New York John F. Kennedy, New York La Guardia.
  • The most popular airline flying from Houston to New York last month was United
  • The average flight time from Houston to New York is 3h 14min
  • There are 205 flights a week from Houston to New York
  • 4 airlines fly direct from Houston to New York
  • Houston to New York is 1,416 miles

Find the cheapest month to travel from Houston to New York

These two cities share many things: huge populations, incredible wealth, and deep diversity. Still, when you fly the nearly 1,500 miles between the two cities, you’re taking a journey from one extreme of American culture to another, from the traditions of the proud southwest to the ambition of the bold northeast.

You’ll find plenty of options for flights between Houston and New York. Houston has two main airports: George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IHA) and William P. Hobby Airport(HOU). New York City has three: John F. Kennedy(JFK), LaGuardia(LGA) and Newark(EWR), which is actually in New Jersey, but comes up in most “New York - All Cities” searches. Which airline you fly will depend on your ideal itinerary.

Making your way to Houston’s Airports

The biggest and busiest airport in Houston is the George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IHA). If you’re driving, you’ll want to budget at least an hour’s driving time between downtown Houston and IHA. You can also take the bus. METRO’s route 102 connects directly to the airport, and fare is $1.25. The airport is made up of 5 large terminals, which are all connected airside. If you’re traveling between terminals B through E, you can grab the TerminaLink train. Terminals A, B and C are connected by a bus service.

William P. Hobby Airport (HOU) is an easy, friendly, single-terminal airport. Southwest has a huge presence here, which often means this is the airport of choice when you’re looking for cheap tickets from Houston to New York. It is located only 10 miles outside the city limits, and if traffic is good you can make the drive in about 20 minutes. The METRO also has a bus service to HOU, route 88, and the fare is also $1.25.

Arriving in New York City

From the minute that iconic skyline comes into view, you’ll know you’re somewhere special. There’s an energy and excitement in New York that never really goes away. The City That Never Sleeps really does offer an infinite number of experiences, and sometimes the highlight of your trip is something entirely unexpected.

The best way to approach NYC is with a clear plan which leaves plenty of room for serendipity. If the weather is nice, both Central Park and Prospect Park (in Brooklyn) are incredible urban outdoor spaces, perfect for taking a time-out from the frantic pace. Make sure to take in a museum or two, as New York has an embarrassment of cultural, historical, and artistic riches. Many museums are free or pay-what-you-will on certain days, so be sure to check before you go.

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