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Cheap flights from Los Angeles International to New York

Los Angeles International to New York

  • There are 390 flights a week from Los Angeles International to New York
  • $229 was the cheapest return price from Los Angeles International to New York last month
  • The most popular airline flying from Los Angeles International to New York last month was United
  • The average flight time from Los Angeles International to New York is 4h 59min
  • New York is served by 3 airports. These are New York Newark, New York John F. Kennedy, New York La Guardia.
  • 7 airlines fly direct from Los Angeles International to New York
  • Los Angeles International to New York is 2,463 miles

Find the cheapest month to travel from Los Angeles International to New York

Both of these great cities operate as dream factories for the rest of the country, and the 2500 miles that lie between them are no great obstacle to the movers and shakers behind the magic. You can make the trip with under 6 hours in the air, flying direct.

This trip often tops lists as the busiest long-haul route in America, so you’ve got plenty of choice. All the major airlines offer direct service from Los Angeles to New York, and several smaller budget airlines do, too. Most nonstop flights are from LAX to JFK, but you can also find direct flights to Newark(EWR.)

Making your way to Los Angeles International Airport

The sprawling size of LAX can be boggling to many travelers. There are nine terminals spread out in the shape of a horseshoe. All the terminals are connected by shuttle buses outside security, and 5 through 8 are connected airside by various walkways. Careful planning and very generous time budgeting is a must if you want to avoid frustration. There’s free WiFi-available in all terminals, with higher speed premium WiFi available for a price. Many of the airline lounges in LAX allow non-members to purchase a day pass: very handy if you’re dealing with a long delay.

It’s possible to take public transportation to Los Angeles International, but again, be sure to leave yourself a lot of extra time. The LAX Transit Center, located in Parking Lot C, is served by many city bus routes. The Los Angeles Metro Rail is connected to the airport by a free shuttle bus to the Green Line Station. Los Angeles World Airports also operate the Flyaway Bus express service on a number of throughout the metro area.

Arriving in New York

Though Los Angeles and New York are opposites in many ways, they have some things in common. The biggest is their propensity for over-stimulation. Los Angeles may be all about entertainment, but New York is no slacker in that department, and there’s an adventure around every corner.

The city is a kaleidoscope of diversity, bursting with sights, sounds, smells, flavors and experiences. You could spend lifetimes here without repeating yourself. Choosing just a few highlights is almost impossible. If you’ve never been to the City before, you have your itinerary mapped out by a million Hollywood movies: Statue of Liberty, Empire State, Times Square, Central Park. If you’ve been to NYC before, we recommend picking a neighborhood or a theme and going deep. Always make time for at least one museum. The Museum of Natural History or the Met each have seemingly bottomless collections.

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