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The most popular routes from Chicago Midway

Find the most popular routes from Chicago Midway. Can’t find what your looking for then use our free search service where you can compare cheap flights from all major airlines and travel agents.

Chicago to Phoenix$200Chicago to Salt Lake City$245Chicago to Manchester$218
Chicago to Philadelphia$114Chicago to San Antonio$295Chicago to Seoul$3,222
Chicago to Orlando$297Chicago to Montreal$276Chicago to Grand Rapids?
Chicago to Seattle$248Chicago to Louisville$161Chicago to Calgary$3,084
Chicago to St Louis$228Chicago to Mexico City$558Chicago to Little Rock$344
Chicago to Charlotte$285Chicago to Paris$1,110Chicago to Vancouver$767
Chicago to San Diego$344Chicago to Fort Myers$295Chicago to Hong Kong$1,627
Chicago to Detroit$187Chicago to Cincinnati$467Chicago to Syracuse?
Chicago to Kansas City$150Chicago to Indianapolis?Chicago to Charleston$316
Chicago to Toronto$215Chicago to Des Moines$214Chicago to Tucson$422
Chicago to Miami$174Chicago to Beijing$649Chicago to Norfolk$295
Chicago to Portland$418Chicago to Memphis$234Chicago to Rome$1,161
Chicago to Pittsburgh$187Chicago to Oklahoma City$299Chicago to Cedar Rapids?
Chicago to Cleveland$205Chicago to Rochester$238Chicago to Dusseldorf$1,136
Chicago to ?Chicago to Tulsa$327Chicago to Birmingham$266
Chicago to Tampa$141Chicago to Albuquerque$385Chicago to Dayton?
Chicago to Columbus$187Chicago to Albany$328Chicago to Harrisburg?
Chicago to Nashville$253Chicago to San Jose$266Chicago to Madrid$1,092
Chicago to Fort Lauderdale?Chicago to Amsterdam$1,101Chicago to Fayetteville?
Chicago to Durham$268Chicago to Providence$218Chicago to Greenville$236
Chicago to Buffalo$238Chicago to Sacramento$464Chicago to Knoxville?
Chicago to New Orleans$134Chicago to Oakland$284Chicago to Moline?
Chicago to Austin$365Chicago to Munich$1,121Chicago to Delhi$831
Chicago to Omaha$240Chicago to Shanghai$1,621Chicago to Cancun$450
Chicago to Frankfurt$1,032Chicago to Wichita$224Chicago to Akron$279
Chicago to Hartford$372Chicago to Richmond$259Chicago to Ottawa$301
Chicago to Tokyo$1,701Chicago to Milwaukee?Chicago to Honolulu$880
Chicago to Dublin$761Chicago to Madison?Chicago to Zurich$1,159
Chicago to Santa Ana$284Chicago to Jacksonville$342Chicago to Abu Dhabi$865