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Cheap flights from Phoenix Sky Harbor to San Diego

Phoenix Sky Harbor to San Diego

  • Phoenix Sky Harbor to San Diego is 303 miles
  • $168 was the cheapest return price from Phoenix Sky Harbor to San Diego last month
  • There are 105 flights a week from Phoenix Sky Harbor to San Diego
  • The most popular airline flying from Phoenix Sky Harbor to San Diego last month was Southwest Airlines
  • The average flight time from Phoenix Sky Harbor to San Diego is 1h 5min
  • San Diego is served by 2 airports. These are San Diego Carlsbad, San Diego International.
  • 4 airlines fly direct from Phoenix Sky Harbor to San Diego

Find the cheapest month to travel from Phoenix Sky Harbor to San Diego

From Phoenix, San Diego is a 300-mile trip to the West, and the flight time between the departure and destination cities range from 50 minutes to a little over an hour depending on airport congestion.

There are notable difference between the two locations, namely that Phoenix has more suburban sprawl as opposed to San Diego’s concentrated urban growth. Arizona residents looking for a nearby beachside escape will be eager to travel to America’s Finest City for this reason alone! Phoenix to San Diego flights can be reserved via US Airways, United, Delta, American Airlines, and WestJet.

Arriving at Phoenix Sky

Phoenix Sky Harbor International airport is Arizona’s largest and busiest, serving an annual passenger base of 41 million. It is a major southwest cargo transport hub as well, processing roughly 800 tons of shipments on the daily. Located three miles to the southeast of Phoenix’ downtown center, the airport offers quick access to Tucson, Flagstaff, and Sedona.

Nicknamed America’s Friendliest Airport for its world-class staff hospitality and excellent customer service, Sky Harbor is a focus city for Southwest Airlines and US Airways. It is equipped with three terminals and 120 passenger gates, and offers free, on-site WiFi. If you have any questions whatsoever when at the airport, just ask one of Navigator volunteers for assistance; these are the people that make Sky Harbor such a great place to travel from.

San Diego for the newcomer: sights to see

Found on the Pacific Coast just 120 miles to the south of L.A., San Diego is widely considered California’s birthplace. This is where the U.S. Navy houses one of its largest bases, along with the prestigious UCSD Medical Center.

A lot of people think San Diego has the ideal climate, and few can argue that its many sunny beaches are far from fun! The nightlife scene here is as amazing as any other major metropolis, but the atmosphere strikes the balance between upbeat and laid-back!

Mission and Coronado Beach should be on your travel agenda, as should the famous San Diego Zoo, Torrey Pines State Reserve, USS Midway Museum, and Sunset Cliffs Natural Park. Perfect for city-goers and nature enthusiasts alike, you will never forget your trip here!

To sweeten the deal and give you greater opportunities to explore; Skyscanner’s awesome airfare compare tool provides cheap flights from Phoenix to San Diego every day. Save, travel, and make some amazing memories!


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