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Phoenix to Denver International

  • Phoenix to Denver International is 599 miles
  • The most popular airline flying from Phoenix to Denver International last month was Southwest Airlines
  • There are 156 flights a week from Phoenix to Denver International
  • $80 was the cheapest return price from Phoenix to Denver International last month
  • The average flight time from Phoenix to Denver International is 1h 39min
  • 6 airlines fly direct from Phoenix to Denver International

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Phoenix stretches a stunning 517 square miles, and due to lying in the middle of the Sonoran Desert, daily summertime temperatures commonly exceed 100 degrees. This is easily one of the hottest places in the country! More than 586 miles to the Northeast of the valley is Denver, the destination and respective capital of Colorado.

The trip to The Mile-High City will take Phoenix residents from an elevation of 1,100 feet all the way up to 5,280 feet above sea level. It can take a little while for people to adjust the sheer change in altitude, so allow your body enough time to adapt to the mountainous environment before getting out and about. Non-stop flights from Phoenix to Denver are offered by Continental Airlines, United Airlines, and US Airways.


Reaching the sky from Sky Harbor

The biggest commercial airport in the Southwest is located a few miles southeast of Phoenix’ downtown district; Sky Harbor International is operated for joint military and public use, and is ranked among the United States’ top 10 busiest airports. Over 41 million passengers flew through its terminal gates in 2014.

A focal flight zone for US Airways and Southwest Airlines, Phoenix’ primary airfield features 3 terminals and 120 passenger gates. PHX Sky Train is Sky Harbor’s most recent, large-scale renovation. By 2020, this automated people mover system will greatly facilitate the movement of passengers between the Light Rail station, parking lot, and on-site Rental Car Center.


Have a rip-roaring time in the Rockies!

You do not have to be an adrenaline junkie or major outdoor enthusiast to appreciate Denver’s scenic beauty. There are many things to see and do in this city, the most popular of which tend to be excursions to the nearby mountain passes. First up is Mount Evans, a famous peak that is ideal for daytrip hikes.

The Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver Mountain Parks, Washington Park, and Balistreri Vineyards will be calling your name. Relax, let loose, and find a sense of inner calm at any one (or all) of these nature-inspired retreats! Download Skyscanner’s smartphone app today to discover cheap flights from Phoenix to Denver and more. Sleek and sophisticated, we do airfare compare right!


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