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Cheap flights from Sacramento to Las Vegas Mccarran

Sacramento to Las Vegas Mccarran

  • The most popular airline flying from Sacramento to Las Vegas Mccarran last month was Southwest Airlines
  • There are 67 flights a week from Sacramento to Las Vegas Mccarran
  • 2 airlines fly direct from Sacramento to Las Vegas Mccarran
  • Sacramento to Las Vegas Mccarran is 380 miles
  • The average flight time from Sacramento to Las Vegas Mccarran is 1h 35min
  • $90 was the cheapest return price from Sacramento to Las Vegas Mccarran last month

Find the cheapest month to travel from Sacramento to Las Vegas Mccarran

From California’s laid-back capital to the pulse-racing pace of the Las Vegas Strip, the flight distance between these two very different cities is 387 miles. It’s a quick journey on a direct flight, with only around an hour and twenty minutes spent in the air.


If you’d like to fly nonstop from Sacramento to Las Vegas, Southwest Airline is your best bet. They offer between 5 and 8 direct flights on the route every day, so you have lots to choose from.


Making your way to Sacramento International Airport (SMF)



Located a mere 10 miles northwest of the city center, Sacramento International is convenient and easy to reach. If traffic is light, you can probably make the drive from downtown to the airport in less than 20 minutes.


There are plenty of parking options, too, ranging from $10 to $27 a day. Depending on the length of your journey, it may be as economical to grab a taxi. If you’d prefer to save your money for the slots, you can grab public transportation easily. Yolobus bus No. 42 provides hourly service between the city and SMF, running between the hours of approximately 5am and 11pm. Tickets cost just $2 each way.


Sacramento Airport is made up of two terminals, A and B. There are shuttles linking the terminals as well as the parking lots and rental car facility. The airport offers plenty of amenities to travelers, whether it’s a charge point for your laptop (or your electric car), a relief areas for your pets, or WiFi. Both terminals also host multiple art installations.


Arriving in Las Vegas

Whether you’re here to be married by Elvis or just to lose a wild weekend, Las Vegas isn’t here to judge. You can find just about anything you want at any hour of the day or night, and the casinos, world-class restaurants, incredibly decadent spas and glittering performance venues are all chomping at the bit to offer you unforgettable experiences.


The surreality of the Las Vegas Strip has to be experienced to be believed. It doesn’t matter how many movies you’ve seen, the blinding lights and never-ending buzz still come as a pleasantly overwhelming shock. (If it’s not crazy enough for you, pay a visit to the bizarre and wonderful Neon Boneyard, where old signs go to retire.) You might be a card shark or happy to sit by the pool with an umbrella drink while others wager fortunes: it doesn’t matter who you are, this is a city determined to give you a good time.


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