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Seattle to Spokane International

  • 2 airlines fly direct from Seattle to Spokane International
  • The most popular airline flying from Seattle to Spokane International last month was Alaska Airlines
  • There are 155 flights a week from Seattle to Spokane International
  • $172 was the cheapest return price from Seattle to Spokane International last month
  • Seattle to Spokane International is 222 miles
  • The average flight time from Seattle to Spokane International is 53min

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Seattle is one of the East Coast’s largest and most influential cities; a long-time seaport hub, it is the biggest city not only in Washington but also the entire Pacific Northwest region. Home to 650,000+ residents in its downtown core and 3.6 million in the greater metropolitan area, The Jet City is widely considered one of the fastest-growing in the country.

A bulk of Seattle’s population surge over the course of the last two decades can be attributed to its influx of biotechnology and software firms, not to mention the rapid expansion of the eco-friendly business sector. Notably smaller Spokane is located approximately 229 miles to the East of the departure city, with average flight times between the two taking roughly an hour. 

Although Washington’s second largest municipality, The Lilac City has a population roughly 1/3 the size of Seattle, making it a lot less congested and boasting an overall quieter atmosphere. Due to their close proximity, both cities share the same climate, but Spokane does have more convenient access to the mountains and ample hiking trails (while not the coast). Direct flights from Seattle to Spokane are available through Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, United, and Continental.

So long, SeaTac Airport

Seattle-Tacoma International, commonly referred to as SeaTac Airport, is the primary airfield serving Western Washington, and it can be found at the intersection of State Routes 99, 509, and 518. SeaTac offers non-stop routes to many worldwide destinations, including those in Europe, East Asia, and the Middle East.

Given the airport’s northern location, it is understandable that Alaska Airlines has its headquarters based nearby. 37 million foreign and domestic passengers flew through the gates of Seattle-Tacoma International in 2014, but with Delta Air Lines announcement of its plans to convert the airport into an even greater transpacific flight hub, demonstrated by its addition of direct trips to many international cities, these numbers are expected to grow markedly!

Spokane for the first-time visitor

Dubbed the largest city in the Inland Northwest, Spokane has numerous attractions to offer tourists, a majority of these pertaining to Mother Nature! Outdoor excursions are in no short supply here; prepare to soak up its all-around amazing scenery!

Manito Park, Riverfront Park, Centennial Trail, Riverside State Park, Green Bluff, and Mount Spokane are just some of the famous local attractions The Lilac City has in store for newcomers and revisiting tourists! A stroll through the city’s beautiful downtown core is always enjoyable, as is listening to a musical orchestra at Spokane Symphony.

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