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Cheap flights from Seattle to Las Vegas Mccarran

Seattle to Las Vegas Mccarran

  • The most popular airline flying from Seattle to Las Vegas Mccarran last month was Alaska Airlines
  • 3 airlines fly direct from Seattle to Las Vegas Mccarran
  • There are 131 flights a week from Seattle to Las Vegas Mccarran
  • Seattle to Las Vegas Mccarran is 873 miles
  • The average flight time from Seattle to Las Vegas Mccarran is 2h 28min
  • $224 was the cheapest return price from Seattle to Las Vegas Mccarran last month

Find the cheapest month to travel from Seattle to Las Vegas Mccarran

The distance between Seattle’s cool green mountains and the scorching sands of Las Vegas is about 1,000 miles, but the cultural distance may be even greater. If you’re taking the trip from laid-back living to high-stakes scene, you’ll spend about two and a half hours in the air, flying direct. 

As this is a popular route, finding cheap tickets from Seattle to Las Vegas shouldn’t be a problem at most times of the year. Alaska, Southwest, and Delta each offer many nonstop flights between Seattle-Tacoma International Airport(SEA) and Las Vegas Mccarran International Airport(LAS.)

Making your way to Seattle-Tacoma International

Seattle-Tacoma contends with some of the same sprawl and traffic as America’s other huge airports, but they get glowing reviews from travelers all the same. The staff is friendly and efficient, and the layout helps a lot. A central terminal is connected to four concourses designated A, B, C, and D, and two satellite terminals, North and South, by a rapid underground people mover. There’s free WiFi everywhere in the airport, pet relief areas, and free live music.

If you’re driving to the airport, keep in mind that the buses to and from some of the parking lots can add 10 to 20 minutes to your journey. Traveling by public transportation? We recommend the Light Link Rail. It cost $2.75 or less, runs every 15 minutes or less between 5:00 am and 1:00 am, and connects directly to SEA. There are also a handful of public bus routes connected to the airport. If you want to cycle to the airport, it’s quite convenient, with both short and long term, indoor and outdoor parking options. If you’re bringing your bike on the plane, you can use the workstation which allows you to conveniently assemble or disassemble your bike.

Arriving in Las Vegas

It really needs no introduction. Sin City is larger than life, and whether you’re there for a conference, a bachelorette party, or just the ultimate night on the town, it will always deliver. From the ultimate in luxury and decadence to the ultimate in cringe-worthy kitsch, Las Vegas offers you every experience under the burning sun.

Spend a night playing it cool at the blackjack table, splash out for a high-budget show, and sample some of the best shopping on the planet. Ride an indoor roller coaster. Take a gondola trip. Lounge by the pool, try your hand at the slots, get married by Elvis. If you want a break from the bright lights, rent a car and drive beyond the city limits to experience the humbling glory of a desert sunset.

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