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Air Berlin was launched by the American company Lelco at the end of the 1970’s so that Western Berliners could fly to the holiday resorts of the Mediterranean. At the end of the Cold War the airline was bought by a German businessman, Joachim Hunold.
Now a German registered company, they’ve stuck to their leisure background. Today they focus on flights to destinations across Southern Europe, the Canary Islands, and North Africa. Intercontinental routes are equally fun-focussed, with flights between Europe and the resorts of Southeast Asia and the Caribbean.
A member of the OneWorld Alliance, AirBerlin also serve some business travellers by connecting major European cities with 25 cities across Germany. 
Berlin Air operates an extensive fleet of passenger planes that vary in both power and passenger capacity. For example, the Airbus 321-200 seats 210 passengers and has a maximum range of 5,700 kilometers. The Boeing 737-700 ranges a maximum of 6,110 kilometer, but the plane holds only 144 passengers. The type of Air Berlin aircraft you travel on depends on flight distance and demand for tickets.

BerlinAir TopBonus Program

BerlinAir runs a customer loyalty program called TopBonus. Berlin Airways and partners of the airline award customers bonus miles for traveling only 7,500 miles. At 7,500 miles, the airline provides TopBonus members with a free one-way flight to German and Northern European destinations. The TopBonus rewards program also allows customers to redeem miles for merchandise sold by participating shops. After you reach 2,000 miles traveling with Air Berlin, you select from a wide variety of travel accessories to make your flights much more enjoyable.

Why fly with Air Berlin

How to Check In

The online check in procedure for Air Berlin takes just a few minutes to complete. You input your name, select the flight, and choose where you want to sit. You can check in online from 30 hours before your flight until one hour before flight departure. Use your mobile device anywhere to check into a BerlinAir flight. Online check in for flights to the USA opens 24 hours before departures and closes 3 hours before. Check in the old fashioned way at the airport. AirBerlin’s desks open 120 minutes before scheduled departure time, and 180 minutes before departure for flights to the USA and Canada. Check in for flights leaving from the USA and Canada also open early, 240 minutes before departure. On long haul flights, passengers must have their boarding card 90 minutes before departure. It’s important to check the closing time at your outbound airport. Some airports close their check in 30 minutes before departure, while others close 90 minutes beforehand. T

Baggage Allowance and Fees

Hand baggage can measure up to about 22in x 16in x 8in (55cm x 40cm x 20cm) and weigh up to about 18lbs (8kg) or 22lbs (10kg) if you’re carrying a laptop. JustFly, FlyDeal, and FlyClassic passengers can bring one piece of hand luggage while FlyFlex, Business Class, and top bonus Gold and Platinum card holders can bring two pieces on board. Hold luggage allowance depends on fare class. JustFly passengers can bring one piece baggage weighing up to about 51lbs (23kg) for a fee of $95 (€85) or up to 71lbs (32kg) for $151 (€135). FlyDeal and FlyClassic passengers can bring one piece of baggage up to 51lbs (23kg) for free. You can upgrade to a 71lbs (32kg) bag for $55 (€50) on short and medium-haul flights, and €100 on long-haul if booked online. If booked at the airport, these fees rise to $73 (€65) short and medium haul and $128 (€115) long haul. On medium and short haul flights additional items of up to 51lbs (23kg) can be purchased for $78 (€70) online or $95 (€85) at the airport. Extra 71lbs (32kg) bags cost $134 (€120) online or $151 (€135) at the airport. On long haul flights additional items of up to 51lbs (23kg) costs $167 (€150) if booked online or $184 (€165) at the airport, and 51lbs (32kg) items cost about $278 (€250) online or $295 (€265) at the airport. FlyFlex and Business Class passengers can bring two pieces of baggage up to 71lbs (32kg) on all flights. Extra pieces are subject to the same fees as FlyDeal and FlyClassic passengers.

Seating – Leg Room, Choosing Seats

JustFly passengers are unable to pre-book their seat. FlyClassic and FlyDeal passengers can reserve seats for a fee, depending on route. Prices range from around $11 (€9.99) for a standard seat on domestic flights, to about $28 (€24.99) for intercontinental flights. FlyFlex passengers can book a seat free of charge, although fees apply for XL seats which have extra legroom. Legroom on AirBerlin flights is fairly standard, sitting between 30” and 34” on long-haul flights. Business class passengers benefit from a 59-60” seat pitch. Short haul flights have a seat pitch between 29-30.”

Booking Fees

Booking fees range from about $8 (€7) for domestic Spanish and German flights up to about $20 (€18) for flights from Europe to the UAE, Africa, North America, Central America, South America, and Asia Pacific.

Meals, Snacks, Drinks

Snacks and meals are available for purchase on board during short haul flights. Long haul passengers receive warm food, a cold meal, snacks and beverages. Special meals (vegetarian, kosher, etc) can be ordered up to 48 hours before flying. Long haul flyers also benefit from complimentary drinks, including coffee, fruit juice, and alcoholic beverages.

On-Time Punctuality

Air Berlin has an on-time performance rating of 85% for departures and 87% for arrivals.

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