Peach Aviation – Cheap Flights

Peach, also known as Peach Aviation, and called Peach Airlines by others, is Japan’s first low-cost carrier airline.  The company was founded in 2011 and its first flight was in 2012.  It is considered the most successful of Japan’s low cost carriers and now flies to 17 destinations.

In 2017, Peach Aviation became the first Japanese airline to accept Bitcoin as payment.  Its parent company is Peach Aviation Limited.

Peach Aviation flies to no destinations in the United States.

Peach Aviation Domestic (Japan) destinations

  • Fukuoka: Fukuoka Airport
  • Ishigaki: New Ishigaki Airport
  • Kagoshima: Kagoshima Airport
  • Matsuyama: Matsuyama Airport
  • Miyazaki: Miyazaki Airport
  • Nagasaki: Nagasaki Airport
  • Naha: Naha Airport
  • Osaka: Kansai International Airport
  • Sapporo: New Chitose Airport
  • Sendai: Sendai Airport
  • Tokyo: Haneda Airport, Narita International Airport

Peach Aviation International Destinations

  • China: Shanghai
  • South Korea: Busan, Seoul
  • Taiwan: Kaohsiung, Taipei
  • Thailand: Bangkok

Peach Aviation Hubs

  • Kansai International Airport (KIX). Situated on an artificial island in Osaka Bay, this airport is only 17 feet above sea level, and was built because Osaka International Airport was too crowded.  Osaka International Airport, despite its name, now only serves air traffic domestic to Japan.  The Kansai International Airport is in several municipalities: Izumisano, Sennan, Tajiri and Osaka.  The airport can be reached by railway and ferry and has two terminals.  Peach Aviation operates out of Terminal 2, which has a simplified design to minimize the expense for the low cost carrier.  The railway station does not stop at Terminal 2, but only at Terminal 1.  However, you can take a free shuttle from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2.  There is also a shuttle from the ferry terminal to the airport; to reach Terminal 2 from the ferry takes about 20 minutes.
  • Naha Airport (OKA). Situated about 2.5 miles west of downtown Naha, Okinawa, this airport is 11 feet above sea level.  It has several terminals: a Cargo Terminal, the New International Terminal, and the Domestic Terminal.  The north annex of the Domestic Terminal is known as the LCCT (low cost carrier terminal) is used by Peach Aviation.
  • Narita International Airport (NRT). Situated about 37 miles east of downtown Tokyo, in Narita, Chiba, Japan, and 135 feet above sea level, this airport serves the greater Tokyo area.  Around half of all international passenger traffic for Japan goes through this airport, which is also known as the Tokyo Narita Airport.  It has three terminals for passengers; Terminal 3 is used by low-cost carriers, such as Peach Aviation.

Peach Aviation Fleet

  • Airbus 320-200: 19 in service, each seats 180 passengers

Peach Aviation: Loyalty programs, discounts and promotions

Peach is a low cost carrier so it already has low prices.

Peach encourages passengers to choose the level of fare that suits their traveling needs best: Simple Peach fare, Value Peach fare, or Prime Peach fare.

Peach Aviation allows passengers to earn and use Peach points

  • Use Peach points to pay for tickets, airport taxes, baggage, and seat selection
  • Peach points are only good in the currency in which they were earned
  • Peach points are not transferrable (you can’t give them away)
  • Peach points must be used within 180 days of being issued
  • Peach points can be acquired through gifts, cancelation refunds, and other methods

Peach Aviation: How to Check In, Seating Assignment, Leg Room and Other Fees


  • Making a reservation over the internet is free
  • Making a reservation using the contact center costs about $15 (¥ 1620)
  • Making a reservation at the airport counter costs about $25 (¥ 2700)
  • Altering a reservation is free on the internet if you are traveling on a Value Peach Fare or a Prime Peach Fare, but will incur a charge if you are traveling on a Simple Peach Fare
  • Altering reservations via the contact center or at the airport counter will incur charges

Seat selection

Peach has four types of seats

  • Fast Seats: the front row seats
  • Smart Seats: seats in rows 2- 5 and the exit row seats
  • Pleasure Seats: all seats in rows 6-11 and the window seats in rows 14-30
  • Standard Seats: everywhere else (middle and aisle seats, rows 14-30)

Need extra legroom?  Pick a Fast Seat or an exit row seat (but exit row seats do not recline)

All seats can be reserved for a charge. 

  • Passengers with Value Peach fares may choose standard or pleasure seats as part of their package.
  • Passengers with Prime Peach fares may choose standard, pleasure or smart seats as part of their package.

Peach asks you not to change seats after boarding, even if a vacant seat appears available.

Peach Aviation: Baggage Allowance and Fees

Peach: Carry-on Bags

  • Passengers may bring one bag and one personal item
  • Total weight of carry-on may not be more than 22 pounds
  • Total dimensions of the carry-on may not be greater than 45 inches
  • Lap infants are not permitted additional carry-on
  • On domestic flights (within Japan), you can generally bring beverages and liquids on board
  • On international flights, passengers are generally limited to liquids in containers no greater than 3.4 ounces, all in a clear plastic 1 quart/liter bag

Peach: Checked Bags

  • Passengers flying with Simple Peach Fare are not entitled to complimentary checked bags.
  • Passengers flying with Value Peach Fare are entitled to one complimentary checked bag.
  • Passengers flying with Prime Peach Fare are entitled to two complimentary checked bags.
  • If you wish to add a bag, it is cheaper to add the bag online (up to 50% cheaper).
  • You can add a checked bag at the airport, but must be prepared to pay by credit card, as cash is not accepted.
  • The maximum dimensions for any checked bag is 80 inches.
  • Bags should weigh less than 44 pounds each, or else there will be a charge for the extra weight.
  • No individual bag may weigh more than 70 pounds.
  • The charges for extra baggage and heavy baggage depend on the destination.
  • Sporting equipment can be checked but costs extra.
  • Important – if you are transferring to another flight after your Peach flight, you will have to pick it up and recheck it. Please allow for this in your schedule.

Peach Aviation: Service on Board – Meals

Food and drinks are available for sale on Peach flights

Selections include: spicy marinated cod roe in fermented soy sauce, octopus ball snacks (takoyaki), savory pancake (okonomiyaki)

You can also order meals in advance for some flights.  Selections change with the season, but crab and curry are popular.

Desserts include Asian pear jelly, Peach sherbet, and Osaka SakuSaku waffles.

Peach is a low cost airline and does not provide inflight entertainment.

Peach Aviation: Child Fares/Fees, Minor Service guidelines

Traveling with Children

  • Babies younger than 8 days are not permitted to fly on Peach Aviation
  • An infant from 8 days to 2 years may travel free of charge if on the lap of an adult
  • A lap infant is not entitled to additional carry-on baggage but Peach will check a stroller and a child safety seat for free
  • Children between 2 and 11 must have their own seats; you may bring a special seat for them if you like, but check the regulations on these seats
  • An adult may travel with only two children under the age of three. More kids, you need more adults.
  • Make sure that you inform Peach of your intention to bring an infant (even if free of charge) as, for safety reasons, there are restrictions on seating and number of infants on a flight
  • Peach does not have strollers, bassinets or child safety seats for rent.

Unaccompanied minor service

  • Peach does not offer unaccompanied minor service.
  • Passengers 11 years old and younger must be accompanied by a passenger who is at least 12 years old.

Peach Aviation: Pet Policy

Peach does not permit pets, neither as carry-on nor checked as luggage.

Prices shown on this page are estimated lowest prices only. Found in the last 45 days.