Royal Air Maroc (AT or RAM) Cheap Flights

Royal Air Maroc is the flagship airline of the country of Morocco. It was founded in 1947 and began flights in 1949. Its official two-character code in the International Air Transport Association (IATA) system is AT, but many people know it by the initials RAM. With headquarters in Casablanca, Royal Air Maroc flies to more than 90 destinations, many in Africa, Europe and the Middle East, but also to Asia and the Americas. Royal Air Maroc is owned by the Moroccan government. It is on time about eight flights out of ten.

The following airlines have codeshare agreements with Royal Air Maroc, for which they are the actual operators: Aeroflot, Brussels Airlines, Etihad Airways, Iberia, JetBlue, Kenya Airways, Qatar Airways, Saudia, TAAG Angola Airlines, and Turkish Airlines.

Royal Air Maroc’s: US & Canadian Destinations

  • Montreal, Canada: Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. Royal Air Maroc uses this airport’s single terminal.
  • New York City, New York; John F. Kennedy International Airport. Royal Air Maroc uses Terminal 1.
  • Washington, D.C.: Washington Dulles International Airport. Royal Air Maroc uses Concourses A/B

Royal Air Maroc’s Domestic (Morocco) Destinations

Royal Air Maroc flies to at least 16 different cities in Morocco, including Agadir, Beni Mellal, Dakhla, Fez, Nador, Oujda, Rabat and Zagora, among others.

Royal Air Maroc’s International Destinations

  • Africa: Algeria, Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Liberia, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Republic of the Congo, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo, Tunisia
  • Europe: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
  • Middle East: Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates
  • South America: Brazil

Royal Air Maroc’s Hubs and Focus Cities

  • Casablanca, Morocco: Mohammed V. International Airport. This airport is the busiest in Morocco and the fourth busiest on the continent of Africa. Some locals may refer to it as Nouaceury the name of the province where it is situated. A train is available from the airport to the Casablanca port station.
  • Marrakesh, Morocco: Marrakech-Ménara Airport. This airport serves Marrakesh, Morocco’s capital city ( Marrakech is the French spelling). It has two terminals; a third is under construction.
  • Paris, France: Orly Airport. Orly is one of Paris’s two airports and is the second busiest in all of France. It has two terminals Terminal Sud (South Terminal) and Terminal Ouest (West Terminal).
  • Tangier, Morocco: Tangier Ibn Battouta Airport. This airport serves the city Tangier ( Tanger in French). There is no bus from the airport to the surrounding area, but a dedicated taxi stand, “Grand Taxi,” is available. Prices for taxis are fixed by the government to make sure that travelers are treated fairly.

Royal Air Maroc’s Fine Fleet

  • Five ATR 72-600s: each can carry a total of 70 passengers and is used for flying in the regional network
  • One Boeing 737-300: this plane is used for cargo
  • Six Boeing737-700s: each plane can seat 138 passengers
  • Thirty Boeing 737-800s: each can carry about 170 passengers
  • Four Embraer E-190s: each can carry 98 passengers and is used for medium haul flights

Safar Flyer: Royal Air Maroc’s Loyalty Program, Discounts and Miles

Safar is the word for “travel” in Arabic (and the root of the word safari). The Safar Flyer program rewards your loyalty by letting you use the miles you’ve earned treat you to perks with Royal Air Maroc.

The number of miles you earn depends on your Safar Flyer status (Blue, Silver, Gold or Ambassador), your destination, whether you’re flying Business Class or Economy Class, as well as how much you paid for your ticket.

Joining costs nothing; all you need do is sign up. Make sure to let Royal Air Maroc know your Safar Flyer member number when you book your flight – but if you forget, or the miles earned seems wrong, you have six months from the flight to get your Safar Flyer miles corrected.

Once you’ve earned some miles, you can use them to pay for:

  • Award tickets
  • Upgrades from economy class to business class
  • Fees for excess baggage
  • Fees for changing paid tickets

How to Check In, Seat Assignment, Legroom and Other Fees

Royal Air Maroc and Your Seat

Business class seats range from a seat pitch of 40 inches to a luxurious 70 inches. Seat pitch is the distance between a point on one seat to the same point on the seat before or behind it. More seat pitch means more leg room, but the thickness of the seat also impacts the space available for your legs.

If you book online you can usually reserve your preferred seat in advance, although this is not possible for some reservation classes.

Check-in Policies and Recommendations

  • With Royal Air Maroc you can check-in at least three ways: at a self-service kiosk in the airport; at the counter in the airport; online (see the website).
  • Priority classes, such as those flying Business class or Safar flyer members with Silver, Gold or Ambassador status, may use the priority check-in counters.
  • Check-in for international flights is 2 hours before departure and 3 hours before long-haul flights. IMPORTANT During peak travel periods, such as the beginning or end of holidays, add an extra hour to these times (3 hours for short international flights and 4 hours for long international flights).
  • Check-in closes 60 minutes before the scheduled departure of the flight, at which time you should proceed to the boarding area. If you do not, Royal Air Maroc retains the right to use your seat for another passenger.
  • If you have a round-trip domestic route on a single day, such as Casablanca to Marrakesh in the morning and then Marrakesh back to Casablanca in the evening, and no luggage, you can check in for both flights at the same time in the morning.
  • Make sure you have all the necessary papers with respect to identification, health, and so on, before boarding, especially before boarding an international flight.

Baggage Policies and Fees

Royal Air Maroc’s baggage policies depend on your class of ticket, your Safar Flyer member status, as well as your own personal situation.

Carry-on Bags

Most passengers will be permitted a personal item (laptop/briefcase/purse) and a carry-on bag, but if the carry-on bag is deemed too heavy or too large, the bag will be taken from you and checked; fees may apply. Consult with the flight personnel regarding how you retrieve it, because the bag may be either at the gate as you disembark or with the other checked bags on the airport’s baggage carousel.

Checked Luggage

  • For Economy Class passengers flying to/from the USA and some other countries, checking one bag weighing up to 50 pounds (23 kg) is included with the price of the ticket.
  • For Business Class passengers flying to/from the USA and some other countries, checking two bags, each weighing up to 50 pounds (23 kg), is included with the price of the ticket.
  • Safar Flyers with Silver, Gold, or Ambassador status can usually check one more bag, weighing up to 50 pounds (23 kg), in addition to what is included with the current ticket.
  • For those taking flights between Morocco and Europe, a special ticket “Eco Essential” may be available, with no luggage permitted.
  • Hazardous materials are not permitted.
  • Certain items, such as sporting equipment, despite being bulky or oversized, can be transported.  Consult with Royal Air Maroc regarding your special item.
  • Each additional bag beyond the usual allowance in will be charged, but the fees depend on the route of the journey. From the USA, each additional bag will cost $160.
  • Bags deemed oversized or overweight will incur fees; the amount depends on the route. From the USA, a checked bag deemed oversized or overweight will be charged $50.

Special Situations

In consideration of passengers with special situations, Royal Air Maroc will check these items free of charge in addition to the usual permitted baggage:

  • Stroller or car seat if the passenger is an infant.
  • Walker or wheelchair if the passenger has reduced mobility.
  • Guide dog if the passenger is using a guide dog (may be allowed on cabin).

Service on Board: In-flight Entertainment and Meals

Fine Dining and Hot Snacks

  • Business Class passengers enjoy fine food and an exquisite, multi course culinary experience, many with a Moroccan flair.
  • For flights longer than two and a half hours, Business Class passengers will be served a meal on china. On shorter flights passengers receive a hot snack.
  • For flights of sufficient duration, Economy Class passengers have a choice between two different meals.
  • For both business class and economy class, special meals are available to comply with your religious beliefs, your medical situation, or simply what you like or do not like to eat. You may ask for vegetarian, gluten-free, fish, low cholesterol, low fat, diabetic, kosher, children or even baby meals. Note these meals are only available on Royal Air Maroc flights and not necessarily on flights operated by our partners. Make sure to place your order while booking!
  • Hot, cold and alcoholic beverages are available for both Business and Economy class.

In-Flight Entertainment

Depending on the length of the flight:

  • Video on Demand (VOD) is usually available in Arabic, English and French. The offerings include recent movies, timeless classics, and documentaries. Selections are from Hollywood, Bollywood and around the world.
  • Royal Air Maroc has cartoons and other selections for the children and the young at heart.
  • Prefer to listen but not watch? Royal Air Maroc offers a large selection of music for your listening pleasure: Andalusian, Arabic, Moroccan, African, jazz, relaxation music and more,
  • Video games are also available to entertain you.
  • Flight status: with Royal Air Maroc’s geo-vision system you can see how your flight is progressing, including where you are and how long you have to go.
  • For those who like to read, Royal Air Maroc provides Moroccan newspapers. Pick up your favorites as you board the plane.
  • At each seat, Royal Air Maroc provides you with a copy of RAM Magazine. The magazine includes articles about many subject, and also contains travel tips and information about Royal Air Maroc.

Children Fees/Fares, Minor Service guidelines

Tips for giving your kids the best flight possible:

  • Infants. A passenger is considered an infant until reaching two years of age and are permitted to travel on the lap of an adult for a reduced fare (usually 10% of the adult’s rate).
  • Children aged 2 to 12 must have seats of their own. In order to have more room you may book a seat for an infant at the rate for a child. Passengers aged 13 and older must book at adult rates.
  • When you book your flight, if your child has special requirements, you can order a special meal. Passengers traveling with small children have priority boarding.
  • During the flight, make sure to giye your little ones plenty to drink, as airplanes have low humidity.
  • Royal Air Morocco offers unaccompanied minor service for children aged 4 through 16 years. The service is optional for those 12 and older, but must be used for children traveling alone who are younger than 12. Make sure to apply for this as soon as possible.
  • The prices of tickets can vary depending on the number of children in a family or a group.
  • Make sure you have all documents required for your young travelers, whether you are accompanying them or whether they are going to use a Royal Air Maroc escort. These documents vary with the nature of the trip.

Pet Policy

Royal Air Maroc understands the importance of your nonhuman companions and will do what is possible to keep them safe. If you plan to travel with an animal, make sure to indicate this when booking your initial reservation. The rates for traveling animal companions depends upon the situation and the destination.

Pets in the Cabin

  • Only dogs, cats and birds are permitted in the cabin. Other species must be checked. Your cabin pet must be in a container not greater than 45 inches in size (21.5 x 15.5 x 8 inches).
  • ..
  • The container with your pet inside it must weigh 11 pounds or less.

Pets That Are Checked

  • The container must be secure, undamaged, and suitable for the animal.
  • ..
  • Each container must have a luggage tag.
  • ..
  • Short-nosed species for both dogs and cats may not be checked, as these animals have difficulty breathing in aircraft holds. Examples of short-nosed dogs include Boston Terriers, Boxers, Pekingese and Pit Bulls. Examples of short-nosed cats include Burmese, Himalayan, Persian and Scottish Folds. These lists are incomplete.

Service Dogs

  • Guide dogs for the blind, the partially blind and the hard of hearing are permitted in the cabin. They do not need to be in containers.
  • ..
  • Partially blind and hard of hearing passengers should bring documentation with them to indicate that they need a service dog.

In all cases, review the requirements of your destination and make sure your animals have the necessary vaccinations and paperwork.

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