Ryanair Cheap Flights

Ryanair was founded in 1984 as an Irish low-cost airline with its first flight taking off in 1985.  Since then it has grown to be a tremendous force in the market; in 2016 it flew more scheduled passengers than any other airline in Europe.  Its slogans are “Low Fares Made Simple,” “30 Years of Low Fares,” and “Always Getting Better.”

Ryanair works at being less expensive and so has no-frills.  Extras tend to cost extra or are not available at all.

As of 2016 Ryanair had about 11,000 employees; the company also uses independent contractors.

Ryanair is on time

Ryanair’s attitude is that other than getting somewhere for less, passengers care about getting to their destinations on time.  It publishes its punctuality data for each month on its corporate website, showing statistics since 2010.  It is ranked number one with respect to other airlines in Europe in terms of punctuality.  In 2017, using the industry definition that a flight is considered on time if it arrives within 15 minutes of its scheduled arrival time, the months showed on-time arrivals between 83 and 91 percent.

Where Ryanair Flies

Ryanair can get you about anywhere in Europe, as well as to destinations in Israel and Morocco.  Ryanair flies to about 180 cities in 34 different countries.  Because it is sparing on costs (and passes on these savings to customers) Ryanair does not always fly into the most expensive airports.  For example, Ryanair has flights in and out of London Gatwick, London Luton, and London Stansted but not London Heathrow.

Ryanair does not fly to the United States.

Ryanair Hubs

  • Dublin Airport. This international airport serves Dublin, the capital of Ireland.  For those traveling to the United States, one item of interest is the fact that the Dublin Airport is one of the two airports in Europe to offer United States border preclearance services.  Dublin Airport has two terminals; Ryanair operates out of Terminal 1.
  • London Stansted. This airport, the newest of the passenger airports in London, is the fourth busiest airport in the UK, and a significant reason that it’s so busy is Ryanair.  Ryanair serves over 130 destinations.  The main terminal of London Stansted has no gates to airplanes, but passengers fly out of three Satellites, and during peak hours, out of the Advanced Passenger Vehicle.  Ryanair flies out of Satellites 2 and 3 and the APV.  These areas can be reached either via the transit system or can be reached on foot via a walkway from the main terminal building.  The APV also serves as a terminal for buses to remoter parts of the airport.

Ryanair Aircraft

Ryanair flies with 403 Boeing 737-800 airplanes.  It does have a 737-700, but this is used mostly for charter flights and pilot training.

Low cost flights

The main reason for flying Ryanair is that it is very inexpensive. For example, flying from Basel, Switzerland to London-Stansted can cost less than $11.  Ryanair is also linked with companies to rent you cars and hotel rooms, so that you take care of the bulk of your travel trip decisions in one spot.

By using myRyanair, you have simplified and less expensive online booking.

Ryanair has a fare finder at its website.  You can enter your departure city, your budget, and see what sort of fares are available in the next month.  Fares, one way, are often less than $20.

Because of the cheapness of the flights, and the fact that they fly more passengers in Europe than any other carrier, Ryanair does not have a loyalty program. 

Ryanair Check In, Seating Assignment, Leg Room and Other Fees

You can check in online either using the Ryanair App or by going to the Ryanair website.

If you lose your boarding pass, you can reprint your boarding pass for free up until 2 hours before the boarding time

If you lose your boarding pass and cannot reprint it yourself, you will need to get a new one at the airport, and will probably have to pay a Reissue Fee for getting a new one.

You can reserve a seat on the flight, subject to availability and up to two hours before the flight.  Ryanair offers three different classes of seats:

  • Priority with extra legroom. These seats have 40 inches of legroom (costs about $14, depending on the exchange rate, and includes priority boarding)
  • Priority Seats up to 30 inches of legroom, but may be useful for leaving the plane quickly (costs about $9, depending on the exchange rate)
  • Standard Seats up to 30 inches of legroom (costs about $2.50, depending on the exchange rate)

If you reserve a seat you can check in online up to 60 days in advance

If you have to change your flight, you may not be able to take your reserved seat with you.

Ryanair Baggage Allowance and Fees

Ryanair carry-on bags

Passengers may bring two carry-on bags with them at no additional charge.  You can bring a larger bag, usually with wheels, not to exceed the dimensions 21.5x15.7x7.8 inches (55x40x20 cm). Its weight cannot be greater than 22 pounds (10 kg).  You can also bring a smaller bag, such as for a computer, not larger than 13.8x7.8x7.8 inches (35x20x20 cm), which has to be able to fit under the seat in front of you.

Bringing these bags does not cost extra, but if your larger bag does not fit into the Ryanair sizer you can expect to pay a hefty fine of 50£ (approximately $66).

Starting in January, 2018, Ryanair has a new policy for carry-on bags.  Everyone will still be able to bring the smaller bag into the cabin.  But to be able to bring the larger bag described above into the cabin, passengers will have to have purchased one of the following classes of ticket:

  • Priority Boarding
  • Plus
  • Flexi Plus
  • Family Plus

Other passengers can still have the larger bags with them, but they will be placed in the hold at the boarding gate, at no extra charge.

Ryanair checked luggage

Ryanair charges for checking luggage.  However, it recently reduced the cost per bag while increasing the weight permitted for each piece.  A bag can now weigh as much as 44 pounds (20 kg).  Prices vary, but if you’re certain you will need to check luggage, book it when you book your flight – that’s when the price for checked luggage is lowest.

Ryanair sells sturdy American Tourister bags at their website, designed to meet various airline requirements.

Ryanair's In-flight Meals and Service

Snacks and beverages cost extra, but a wide variety of items is available.

You may pre-order a meal for some early flights out of some airports, such as flights departing from the Dublin airport before seven in the morning.

You may bring your own food and drink on board, with the exception of hot drinks.  Hot drinks can be purchased during the flight.

Ryanair and Flying with Kids

Infants on Ryanair.  A baby less than seven days old is not permitted on a Ryanair flight.  A person between seven days and twenty-four months is considered an infant. Each infant must be accompanied by an adult and each infant is allowed 11 pounds of carry-on luggage.  Ryanair will warm bottles for you and some toilets on planes include changing areas.

Children two years old and above may be charged the same fares as adult passengers.

Family Plus is a great savings option for families traveling together. To qualify, one or more adults must purchase full fares on the flight.  Then, during the same booking and in the same reservation, book the children (aged 2 to 15).  You’ll receive:

  • An increased baggage allowance or discounts
  • Priority boarding
  • Free seats for kids
  • Discounts on travel insurance

Note this is only available via the desktop/mobile website and not the Ryanair APP.

Unaccompanied Minor service. Ryanair does NOT have an Unaccompanied Minor service.  Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by someone older than 16.

Pet and Service Dog Policy

Ryanair does not allow pets to travel either in the cabin or in the hold as checked baggage or cargo. 

Service dogs will generally be permitted on domestic routes (within Ireland) or between cities in the EU. Service dogs are not permitted on flights to and from either Israel or Morocco.  Please check in advance and determine what documentation you need to bring your service dog with you.

Prices shown on this page are estimated lowest prices only. Found in the last 45 days.