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The TAME airline, also known as TAME EP Linea Aerea del Ecuador, is the largest airline of that country and is also its flag carrier.  The organization was created originally by the Air Force of Ecuador in 1962; TAME stands for Transportes Aéreos Militares Ecuatorianos (and TAME is pronounced tah-may).  The passengers flown by TAME provided an income for the government; pilots could be trained, and Ecuador was provided with the means of reaching remote areas of its country.  In 1966 TAME added international destinations as well.

Some of the areas to which TAME flies are extremely remote.  TAME uses its smallest planes, the Qwest Kodiak 100s, each seating up to 9 passengers, to reach communities in the jungle.  The denizens of these hamlets, some along the Amazon, would need 10 to 12 days to make the journey through the jungle (when the weather permits) to reach towns and cities with goods such as life-saving medicines.  TAME Amazonia provides a life-line for these remote areas and the planes are greeted by the locals with welcoming cheers when they appear.

In 2011, TAME shifted its administration from the Ecuadorian Air Force to the province of the civilian government.

TAME Airlines US Destinations

  • Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL), Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), New York City, New York

TAME Airlines Domestic Destinations (Ecuador)

  • Azuay: Cuenca
  • Cotopaxi: Latacunga
  • El Oro: Machala
  • Esmeraldas: Esmeraldas
  • Galapagos: Baltra Island, San Cristobal Island
  • Guayas: Guayaquil
  • Loja: Loja
  • Manabi: Manta
  • Morona Santiago: Macas
  • Napo: Tena
  • Orellana: Coca,
  • Santa Elena: Salinas
  • Sucumbios: Nueva Loja

TAME Airlines International Destinations

  • Argentina: Buenos Aires
  • Brazil: Manaus, Sao Paulo
  • Chile: Santiago de Chile
  • Colombia: Bogotá, Cali
  • Cuba: Havana
  • Mexico: Mexico City
  • Panama: Panama City
  • Peru: Lima
  • Venezuela: Caracas

TAME Airlines Hubs and Focus Cities

  • Mariscal Sucre International Airport (UIO) in Quito, Ecuador. Situated about 11 miles east of Quito, this is the busiest airport of Ecuador, having replaced the old airport with the same name in 2013. The airport is located 7874 feet above sea level and has a single passenger terminal.
  • José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport (GYE) in Guyaquil, Ecuador. The second busiest airport in Ecuador, and about 3 miles north of downtown Guayaquil, the largest city in Ecuador, the airport is about 19 feet above sea level.  Its new terminal handles both domestic and international flights.  Note that an exit tax may be charged to passengers leaving on international flights.

TAME Airlines Fleet

  • Airbus A320-300: 3 in service, each seats 162 passengers
  • Airbus A330-200: 1 in service, it seats 278 passengers
  • ATR 42-500: 3 in service, each seats 50 passengers
  • Embraer 190LR: 2 in service, each seats 104 passengers
  • Quest Kodiak 100: 3 in service, each seats 9 passengers

Flying with TAME Airlines

TAME Airlines: Loyalty Programs, Discounts and Miles promotions

TAME is known by passengers who take flights in the region as often providing the least expensive alternative.  Nevertheless they have two loyalty programs.


TAME Millas is the name of the TAME miles frequent flyer program

  • To join the TAME Millas, all you need to do is sign up!
  • You’ll start earning miles at once
  • Miles can be used to purchase Prize Tickets
  • TAME miles can only be earned on TAME flights

 TAME VIP membership is available for those willing to pay an annual fee

  • Useful for executives and business professionals who must fly frequently
  • Includes access and use of facilities in VIP lounges of the main airports in Ecuador: Mariscal Sucre from Quito, José Joaquín de Olmedo from Guayaquil and  Mariscal Lamar from Cuenca
  • Assignment of seats in the first rows
  • Preferential Counter for Checking in at National Airports
  • Preferential boarding
  • Preferential service at Call Center, 1700 500 800, without online waiting for reservation, purchase and requests
  • Access to benefits in the Tame Mile program (must join this separately, not automatic

TAME Airlines: How to Check In, Seating Assignment, Leg Room and Other Fees

TAME Airlines Check-in

  • You can check in on the web from 24 hours to 3 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure.
  • You can choose your seat on the web and print your boarding pass.
  • If you have a special situation – elderly requiring assistance, are traveling with minors or animals – you must check in at the airport counter.
  • Some routes – to the Galapagos and to destinations in the US – do not permit web check in.
  • Domestic flights (within Ecuador) – you must check in at least 40 minutes before the flight.
  • International flights – you must check in at least 2 hours before the flight.

TAME Airline Seating

  • VIP members (a program which you have to join) are entitled to preferred seats, such as those in the front row, on TAME flights.
  • Legroom for other seats vary by aircraft.

TAME Airlines: Baggage Allowance and Fees

TAME Airlines: Carry-on Bags

  • Passengers are entitled to bring on one carry-on bag and one personal item (purse, laptop, baby bag)
  • The carry-on bag may not weigh more than 17 pounds and may not be larger than 22 x 14 x 9 inches.
  • Other possible luggage permitted include a duty free bag, reading material, binoculars, and discreetly packed funeral urns


TAME Airlines: Checked Bags

  • The number of complimentary bags permitted depends on the route. Passengers traveling between the United States and South America or between Ecuador and Cali are each entitled to two.  Passengers on domestic (Ecuadorian) routes or between Ecuador and the Galapagos are each entitled to one complimentary checked bag.
  • Bags should not weigh more than 50 pounds and not have dimensions greater than 62 inches.
  • Passengers who are two years and older are entitled to the same complimentary baggage allowance as adults
  • Infants, passengers under two, are permitted one complimentary checked bag. If traveling to/from the United States, that bag may weigh 50 pounds; on other routes an infant passenger is entitled to a single bag weighing 33 pounds.
  • Passengers will be charged for excess bags or oversized bags; the fees depend on the routes.
  • Bags to and from the Galapagos may be subjected to extra inspection due to the special situation of those islands with respect to ecology, environment and scientific importance.

TAME Airlines: Service On Board: Meals

Many passengers rave about the food on TAME Airline, which they find surprisingly good considering the low cost of the tickets.

TAME Airlines: Child Fares/Fees, Minor Service guidelines

Unaccompanied minor service

  • Passengers 6 years old and under are not eligible but must be accompanied by an adult passenger
  • Passengers 7 through 11 who are traveling without an adult passenger must use this service, which is available on both domestic and international flights
  • Passengers 12 through 17 who are traveling without an adult passenger may use this service, which is available on both domestic and international flights
  • Unaccompanied minor service must be reserved at the time of booking the flight
  • Unaccompanied minor service is not available from TAME for interline itineraries (where the passenger transfers from one airline to another) or for codeshare flights
  • This service requires: notarized permission of parent/guardian, Unaccompanied Minor form (to be signed as well by TAME personnel). Other documents may vary by country.
  • An adult must accompany the young passenger to the airport and see him or her through the check-in process
  • The cost is $30 per route for flights within Ecuador and $150 per route for international flights

TAME Airlines: Pet Policy

Pets in the cabin

  • Pets are permitted in the cabin but the number permitted varies by the type of aircraft.
  • The service should be ordered at least 48 hours before the flight.
  • The service is paid for at the airport, and costs $20 for pets within Ecuador and $75 for pets traveling internationally.
  • The container for your pet cannot be greater than 22.8 x 16 x 9 inches and cannot weigh more than 13.2 pounds (6 kgs) with the animal inside it.

Pets as checked luggage

  • Pets can be transported in the hold, but this depends on the aircraft being used for your flight. Please check with TAME about this service.

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