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Author: Bryan Shaw

Five Cool Travel Apps You Have to Try

You’ve been anxiously waiting for months, but the time has finally come. Your vacation is right around the corner, and you need to prepare. But where’s the best place to start, and what should you focus your time and energy on? For us, we turn to technology and the mobile applications that help travelers thrive in unfamiliar environments. So, without further ado, here are five of the coolest travel apps on the market today; apps you can use to make your next vacation absolutely epic!

Amazon Echo & Skyscanner; A Match Made in Travel Heaven

Amazon Echo is an amazing piece of technology, one that’s received glowing reviews since its release in June of 2015.

For a Truly Unique Travel Experience, Hitch a Ride on the Airbus A380

Think of the Airbus A380 aircraft as a luxury limo bus with wings. Not only is it the largest commercial airplane in the world, its revolutionary double-deck design is a marvel to behold both from an exterior and interior prospective.

Six Video Game Locations You Can Visit In Real Life

Do you ever find yourself playing your favorite video game and wondering, is this place real? In most cases, the answer is no, but in some, the virtual video game worlds you love are actual places you can visit. Check this out!

Every successful trip starts with a ski trip packing list

The activity of packing for a ski trip may seem like common sense to some, but for novice downhillers and those unaccustomed to cold weather sports, gearing up to travel can be as daunting as conquering a double black diamond.

The Top 5 Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Destinations

There are few moments in life worth going all out for. Getting married is one of them but so, too, is the party that comes before. With that in mind, Skyscanner is proud to present the top-five bachelor and bachelorette party destinations in the United States.

World’s Best Hotel Amenities: Learn to Enjoy the Finer Things

Hotel amenities have come a long way. Fifteen years ago, you’d be lucky to nab a room with a fully-loaded minibar. Flash forward to modern times and every outrageous luxury one can imagine – even some you cannot – can be purchased for a nightly fee. In fact, some of today’s hotel amenities are so over-the-top awesome, we thought it’d be cool to explore a few of them with you today. What do you think? Does that sound like fun? Nice! Let’s dive right in.

Skyscanner Previews the NFL’s 2017 Thanksgiving Day Schedule

August is one of the best months, if not the best month, to book cheap flights for Thanksgiving. Why? Because it’s fairly easy to score inexpensive plane tickets, there’s plenty of time to plan your trip, and the 2017 NFL season is just getting started.

What’s the Difference Between Skyscanner and an Online Travel Agency?

Skyscanner is a leading travel search engine. It scours the Internet for the lowest possible rates on airfare and hotels prior to delivering those results to its users. Skyscanner is not an online payment processor nor is it a virtual travel agent. When you book a flight and / or hotel using Skyscanner’s website or mobile application, your payment is processed by the airline, hotel or travel agent responsible for securing your reservation.