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Author: Danila Caputo

Your complete road trip guide from Miami to Key West

Fancy a sunny road trip, surrounded by the ocean in a lovely convertible? Then you might be up for a road trip from Miami to Key West! Here are the best tips for your next Florida vacation.

Amsterdam Travel Guide: What to Do and See?

Amsterdam Combines the unrivaled beauty of a 17th century Golden Age City with plenty of museums, art and unforgettable sights. The laid back atmosphere in this city really makes it a top destination for so many tourists every year. This travel guide will help you to plan the perfect trip to Amsterdam.

Plan Your Perfect Weekend Getaway in Naples, Italy

Southern Italy’s biggest city has changed a lot in the last few years, without losing its charm. Perfect in every season, it offers every traveler good food, a beautiful sea, culture and monuments and a perpetual Christmas!

Plan Your Trip to Wyoming with Skyscanner

While the Wild West era seems history to many people, Wyoming is still a land of cowboys, cattle and ranches. From Yellowstone to Jackson Hole, from Cody to Grand Teton National Park, let us show you the beauties of this State, to plan the best trip of your life.

The 5 Best Beaches to Visit in Malta

The small Maltese archipelago offers some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. We’ll show you the best ones to add to your bucket list and how to reach them.

Barcelona City Guide: Sightseeing & Attractions

Barcelona bubbles with life. It’s a city full of wonder and beauty, with a pronounced passion for life, food, culture and beautiful beaches. Read a list of things to do in Barcelona and its attractions, and start planning your trip with Skyscanner.