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Author: Jenny Nguyen

The Best Gifts for Travelers in 2019

Purchasing gifts can get quite stressful. You want the person to love it and make use of what you give to them, but sometimes you can’t afford to break the bank either. As someone who travels often, I absolutely love receiving travel related items as presents. So, I can almost guarantee that a fellow traveler will appreciate these items listed below.

Is it Cheaper to Book One Way or Round Trip Fares in 2019?

Is it Cheaper to Book One Way or Round Trip Fares in 2019?

Take a look at this guide and consider some top travel tips for comparing fares between one way flights and round trip flights before deciding on the best flight deal for your next trip.

How to Decide Where to Go on Your Next Trip

How do people decide on where they want to visit? How do they narrow down options and come to a conclusion? How do I know which place is best for me to visit at this very moment?

How to Start Your First Travel Blog

You have a strong passion for travel. You find yourself constantly answering questions about destinations you’ve visited. You gathered all these photos, but have no outlet to share them on. Your solution? A travel blog.