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Author: Marisa Martin

Top 10 free things to do in Barcelona

Don’t miss out on an adventure in Barcelona just because of the costs. After all, there are many free activities in the city!

The Pros and Cons of Flying with Southwest Airlines in 2019

Love them or hate them, Southwest is everywhere across the United States. Skyscanner Elite member and travel blogger, Claire, has gathered some of the pros and cons that make Southwest the airline that it is!

Best Las Vegas Hotels in 2019

Las Vegas. Sin City. The Entertainment Capital of the World. It doesn’t matter what name you call it, Las Vegas is a place unlike any other. With over 40 million people visiting The City of Lights every year, dozens of hotels have sprung up over the years offering visitors every type of experience imaginable.

Best Bucket List Destinations: Travel Ideas

Don’t miss out on traveling the world because you aren’t sure where to start. We collected some of the best bucket list destinations from around the world!

5 Best Fairytale Medieval Towns To Visit in Germany

Germany is full of quaint medieval towns that are overflowing with culture and history. We’ve compiled a list of the five must-see medieval German towns to help you make the best of your German adventure!

The Best Places for Long Layovers

Don’t miss out on a destination just because the journey includes a long layover! Sometimes, layovers can be just as great as the final destination.