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Author: Sandra Henriques Gajjar

The Best Places to go for Wine Tourism in Portugal

The Douro Valley is, indisputably, the most famous wine-producing region in Portugal but there’s a lot more to discover in this small country when it comes to wine tourism. Take note of these five wine tours in Portugal for your next visit.

Things to do in Lisbon: 7 Underrated Places to Visit

There’s a chance that the iconic yellow trams, the cobblestoned narrow streets of Alfama, and the beauty of the city’s Riverside prompted you to look for flights to Lisbon. Valid points, but there’s a hidden side of the city that’s just as appealing. Here are seven of those underrated places to visit in Lisbon.

European Year of Cultural Heritage: Where to go in 2018

Europe is one of the most culturally diverse regions in the world. Twenty-four official languages are spoken in the European Union countries, with sixty more spoken in specific areas of the Old Continent or by specific groups of people.

Azores Insider Travel Tips: 10 Things You Need to Know

The Azores aren’t the most remote islands in the world (they’re a two-hour flight away from Europe and four hours from North America’s east coast) but it’s a destination that raises lots of questions. With these Azores insider travels we want to cover everything you thought of and didn’t think of asking to plan your trip.