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The richness of Turkey's history and civilizations is enough reason to visit the country without including the thousands of miles of Mediterranean coastline, the Turkish cuisine, and the fun-loving people. Travelers entering the southern part of the country who want to explore this part of the world will need a car rental from Adana Sakirpasa Airport.

Cheap Car Rentals at Adana Sakirpasa Airport

While the airport is rather small, it still has several car rental agencies on site including Avis, Ser-Bey, Europcar, and Taro. Avis, Europcar, and Ser-Bey rent an array of vehicles from small, fuel-efficient models to larger vans that can hold up to 15 passengers. Taro carries mostly small cars and a few mid-size sedans.

Renters will need a driver's license from their country of residence.

Safety Tips for Driving Around Adana Sakirpasa Airport

Drivers leave the airport on Ucak Cd and head north to Turhan Cemal Beriker Blv., or D400, which runs east to west. Once away from the airport, travelers can expect different driving conditions than what they're used to.

Turkish drivers don't pay much mind to marked lanes on the highway and wander across lanes without turn signals. Visitors should flash their lights or honk if they don't think another driver sees their car. Highways will have cars going extremely slow and exorbitantly fast. Travelers should expect to see both and move out of the way of faster drivers.

In the city, traffic lights are hard for the first driver in line to see, so those next in line will honk when the signal changes. Drivers will come across roundabouts and, unlike in America or Western Europe, the cars in the roundabout do not have the right of way. While in the middle, cars must wait for oncoming traffic to clear before turning.

Police set up checkpoints along common highway routes, so it's a good idea to keep paperwork at hand.

Attractions Near Adana Sakirpasa Airport

Adana itself is a nice travel destination and is home to some great sights to see. Visitors must see Adana Merkez Park for a peaceful morning strolling through the expansive park and picturesque views of Merkez Camii, a beautiful mosque with stunning minarets. Tourists can take a guided tour of the mosque if they want. Near the park is a large shopping mall with familiar brands like Adidas, Journey, and Nine West, but also new brands to explore.

Travelers may venture just one hour southwest to Mersin. This coastal Mediterranean city is home to ancient ruins like Anemurium, Kanli Divane, and the city of Diocaesarea-Olba. It's also home to Bogsak Koyu and Soguksu beaches and hidden natural treasures like Kayaci Vadisi.

Another nearby city, Iskenderun, is just two and a half hours southeast. This quaint seaside city has two shopping malls, a beautiful beach called Karaagac Plaj, and the Iskenderun Museum of the Sea.

Explorers venturing out in their cheap car rental from Adana Sakirpasa Airport only have a few minutes' wait to find priceless memories.


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